Grains Research and Development

Investment Process

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Identify and prioritise customer’s R&D requirements

GRDC’s major stakeholders are Australian grain growers and the Australian Government. GRDC has clearly defined processes for the identifying the priorities of grain growers. Panels which have grain grower representation visits different regions consulting with the local grain growers. The Australian Government requirements are based on the National and Rural Research priorities. Discussions are held between GRDC management and the Department of Agriculture throughout the year to determine how best GRDC can meet these requirements.

Design, procure and contract required R&D

Procurement occurs through a tendering and contracting process as well as through joint ventures and alliances. Procurement is governed by the Australian Government Procurement Guidelines.

Manage the R&D portfolio through pathway to market.

Clearly defined processes guide management at the project, program and whole of portfolio level. This includes project monitoring by way of progress reports, milestone reports, program reviews, and strategic reviews in respect to critical areas of investment. All projects are required to submit a final report on completion. Joint ventures have specific reporting requirements. Portfolio analysis is periodically undertaken to ensure a balanced portfolio of investments.

Deliver outcomes of R&D in products and services

GRDC delivers outputs of R&D through the pathways – communication and extension, capacity building, and commercialisation. Communication and extension involves the development of information products and services, including publications, update events, and group-based learning. Capacity building includes training and development of researchers, grain growers and farm advisors. Commercialisation involves contracting with commercial partners to deliver products and services for an agreed fee.

Evaluate the impact of R&D and report to stakeholders

There are two primary mechanisms by which the GRDC evaluates the impact of R&D. These are:
  • A survey of grain growers on issues including changes in farm practice, new grain variety adoption, and impact or R&D on profitability and sustainability 
  • An impact assessment of specific R&D projects including economic and financial analyses. 

GRDC formally reports to stakeholders through the annual reportgrowers report and stakeholder report.

For more information on the GRDC Investment Process, download and read 'GRDC's New Business Approach: General Q&A' below.