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Northern Grower Solutions Groups

The Northern Region of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) encompasses some of the most diverse cropping environments in Australia, ranging from temperate to tropical climates it has the greatest diversity of crops and farming systems of the three GRDC regions.

Implemented, in part, to provide structured grower engagement, the GRDC Grower Solutions projects have become an important component of GRDCs investment process in the northern region. The Northern Grower Solutions also have the function of managing short-term projects, usually in a development and extension capacity to address the issues raised locally and deliver results that can be adopted straight away by farmers in their own paddocks.

Annual Reports

Cover of From The Ground Up the 2013 2014 annual grower solution group reportThe GRDC Northern Region 'From the Ground Up' outlines the processes and events by which the GRDC sources and addresses local issues in the GRDC Northern Region and how these issues are addressed in the short term—specifically through the GRDC Northern Regional Panel, GRDC Regional Grower Services and the four GRDC Grower Solutions projects across the northern region.

The booklet also describes some of the activities of the GRDC Grower Solutions during the 2013–14 year, and highlights some positive outcomes of tackling grain grower issues from the ground up.

Grower Solutions Group Facilitators

Name Email Address RCSN Region
Mike Hanks
Coastal Queensland and coastal NSW
Neil Halpin  Coastal Queensland and coastal NSW
Natalie Moore
Coastal Queensland and coastal NSW
Richard Daniel
Northern NSW & South-East Queensland 
Richard Sequira
Central Queensland 
Maurie Street  Central-West NSW 

Northern Grower Solutions Group Map