Grains Research and Development


The GRDC has a range of stakeholders across the industry, ranging from the grain growers at the farmgate, to the research community and the wider industry.

The contributions to the GRDC made by Australian grain growers through levy payments is significant, as is those made by the wider community through the Australian Government.

These contributions are utilised by the wider research community to cultivate productivity and profitability outcomes. Often, GRDC investments are leveraged with funds from those groups, further increasing opportunities for return on investment. These research groups include organisations such as:

  • State Government Departments
  • Breeding companies
  • Universities
  • Other RDCs
  • Cooperative Research Centres
  • Grower Groups.

All investments, research outcomes and developments in variety improvements and farming practices affect the wider grains industry in Australia. As such, the GRDC is continuously liaising with the end point for grain after it has left the farm. These stakeholders cover groups such as:

  • Bulk Handlers for domestic and export grain
  • Marketers
  • Millers
  • Consumers of the end product.

More information on how the GRDC interacts with and reports to these stakeholders can be found under: