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Southern NSW Local Trials for 2017

Procurement ID: PROC-9174905 Southern NSW Local Trials for 2017

RFT Description RFT No. PROC-9174905: Request for Tender for Southern NSW Local Trials for 2017
Start date Friday 24th February 2017
End date and time 5:00pm AEDST Friday 24th March 2017
Document contact and enquiries Attention: Linda McDougall
Grains Research and Development Corporation 
Phone: +61 7 4571 4801

Electronic lodgement of tenders Tenderers must submit their responses electronically through the Grains Investment Portal at in conjunction with the provided tender documents.


The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is a statutory corporation established under the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989. It is subject to accountability and reporting obligations set out in the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. It is responsible for planning, investing in and overseeing research and development, and delivering improvements in production, sustainability and profitability across the Australian grains industry.

The GRDC is focused on delivering value to Australian grain growers. To achieve this, the GRDC seeks to invest in local extension and development trial activities located in southern NSW.

*See the attachment below for the map of the Southern NSW sub-region of GRDC Northern Region.

The GRDC seeks tenders from organisations (with an ABN) to carry out the services listed below during the 2017 winter cropping season in Southern NSW. Projects must be completed within 12 months of the contracted start date.

Suitable service providers are sought to:

  • Design a project to address locally important agronomic issues;
  • Conduct the project to promote collaboration between local growers, grower groups, advisers, agribusiness and researchers;
  • Where applicable, design and conduct field trials or demonstrations. Trial operations (planting, management and harvest) may be completed under a sub-contract agreement with another party (details of such arrangements must be clearly detailed in tender);
  • Arrange statistical design of trials and analysis of trial results by a professional statistician (details of such arrangements to be clearly detailed in tender);
  • Prepare a financial analysis of the trial/demonstration results using appropriate and rigorous techniques with the results presented in ‘grower friendly’ format and language (details of such to be clearly detailed in tender);
  • Develop and implement targeted local communication and extension plan that clearly details implications of project outcomes/outputs for on-farm management and adoption (where applicable) by growers within local farming systems (details of such to be clearly detailed in tender); and
  • Ensure that all trial results, communication and extension materials are freely accessible (no cost or restriction on access) to all growers, advisors, agribusiness, researchers and the GRDC.

A principle objective of your application to the GRDC is to demonstrate fair market value, therefore the GRDC is indicating a budget range of $5,000 – to a maximum of $50,000 per project.

The closing date for this application is 5 pm AEDST Friday 24 March 2017.

Selection Criteria

Criteria no


Mandatory or Desirable


A clear description of the issue, its local importance, impact and scale.



A clear and detailed project proposal to address the issue including:

  • a detailed preliminary trial protocol (if applicable) including arrangements for statistical design and analysis of trial results;
  • a draft communications and extension plan outlining who will be involved in the delivery of the project;
  • a plan for financial analysis of the results



A clear statement describing the:

  • previous research, development or extension work conducted on the idea and its applicability to the local project area;
  • links between the proposal and current research projects



Sound project management arrangements including:

  • demonstrated technical knowledge and experience of key personnel;
  • details of any subcontracting arrangements for services such as statistical design and analysis, planting, management and/or harvesting of trials



Cost effectiveness of the proposal, including sponsorship and in-kind commitments.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. The tenderer must a single legal entity or recognised firm of partners.
  2. The tenderer must be financially viable. For the purposes of this condition, “financially viable” means that the Tenderer has not had any of the following events occur in respect of it:

a)    a meeting of creditors being called or held within the past five years;

b)    the appointment of a liquidator, provisional liquidator or administrator within the past five years;

c)    the appointment of a controller (as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Act (2001), or analogous person appointed, including in respect of any of its property within the past five years;

d)    a failure to comply with a statutory demand in respect of the payment of any debt;

e)    an inability to pay debts as they fall due or otherwise becoming insolvent;

f)     becoming incapable of managing its own affairs for any reason;

g)    taking any step resulting in insolvency under administration (as defined in section 9 of the Corporations Act 2001);

h)    entering into a compromise or arrangement with, or assignment for the benefit of, any of its creditors, or any analogous event.

  1. The tenderer and any proposed subcontractor must be compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.
  2. The tenderer must include in its application details of any known circumstances that may give rise to an actual or potential Conflict of Interest with GRDC in responding to this procurement. The tenderer’s response will be taken into account in the evaluation.

Application period

The application end date for this investment is 5pm AEDST on Friday 24 March 2017 as advised on the Grains Investment Portal (see information below). In order to be considered, all applications must be submitted via the portal prior to this closing date.

All requests for further information or clarification in relation to this investment should be made in writing to prior to 5pm AEDST on Friday 10 March 2017. All requests and responses to requests will be published on the GRDC website.


Applying for GRDC investments is now done using the GRDC Grains Investment Portal. Once registered, users can visit the Portal anytime.

To register as a user, please visit

  • Click on the register button at the top right hand side.
  • Fill in the Registration Form. Data must be entered in all the fields: your email address, a password and the captcha. Your password must be alphanumeric with at least one special character (i.e. not a letter or number).
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  • You will receive an email from the GRDC to confirm your registration.
  • Fill in the remaining details to complete the registration process.

Once the registration process is complete, you can sign in and review all investments open for tender.

Once you have located this investment, you can commence the application process by completing the details for each field available, until you reach “Submit Application” on the last page.

If you have any questions or concerns about the portal please feel free to contact Wendy Bosci – Contracts Administrator Crop Protection via email or use the online support function available.

Application evaluation

Applications will be considered by a selection committee and the successful applicant will be informed within four weeks of the application closing date.

Questions and Answers

Question 1: 

Will there be a tender opportunity for growers in the Central NSW regions to conduct local trials?

Answer 1:

The Central NSW Grower Solutions project (GOA0003) is funded to address grower issues (through local trials) in central NSW.
This request for tender seeks applications from organisations to carry out local trials to be located only in Southern NSW. It will provide for local trial and extension activities to be carried out in the 2017 winter crop season.
There are no plans at this stage to extend this request for tender to the rest of the northern region.

Question 2:

Can the trial site be extended to be able to deliver project outputs from a trial site at Kerang?
With the intention of having trial sites on both sides of the Murray River.

Answer 2:

The trials can be applied for in Southern NSW and adjoining irrigated zone within 30km of the NSW-VIC border.