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GrowNotes are your one-stop shop for regional trial results and best practice recommendations. 

Presented as an online flip-book, each set of GrowNotes provides an overview of the crop and a range of farm practice reference notes, and backs them up with trial results and best-practice recommendations, so you can make informed farm management decisions about your crop.

The comprehensive crop notes are digital documents, available online, so are able to use the very best e-publishing technology available to make the information easy to find and navigate. This means that in addition to the comprehensive, yet plain English reference notes provided, the GrowNotes include links to additional research and trial information for further study.

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the GRDC GrowNotes, a new and exciting information product range providing you with regional trial results and best practice recommendations on the crops you grow. A good example of your levy at work!

The GRDC has been investing in grains RD&E for more than 20 years. During this time, together with our partners, we have generated a mass of information from research outputs and findings, most of which remains relevant today. 

Typically, this research has been communicated to industry through GRDC Grower Updates, GRDC Adviser Updates, Ground Cover, fact sheets, media releases, communication campaigns and the GRDC website. While these remain important communication channels, new information technologies such as digital publishing and mobile device applications provide an opportunity to communicate the results of GRDC-funded research more effectively. 

The Regional Grower Services business group was established within GRDC to actively listen, service and deliver results to growers. Through Regional Grower Services we have heard your feedback loud and clear. Our Regional Cropping Solutions networks and Grower Solutions Groups have told us that growers now need more specific information, tailored to their environment and in a format they can access when they need it most. Having this all in one location so they don’t have to go trawling through the internet is another critical feature. 

So what’s special about GRDC GrowNotes? 

It really comes down to actively listening to growers and the intense collaboration between our Regional Grower Services group and our science writers. Comments and observations from growers about GRDC publications and products and what they’d like to see improved and the feedback received from the growers and advisers who first tested GrowNotes, have come together in a very unique blend. 

The GRDC’s GrowNotes are a direct result of your GRDC listening to what you need and presenting it in a way that best informs the cropping decisions you make. 

You’ll see a feedback button at the top of every page. I encourage you to use this to provide us with any comments or feedback so we can continue to improve and extend the GRDC GrowNotes. I want to thank all of those who have already provided input and feedback on the various beta versions. They’ve given us insights that have allowed us to develop GrowNotes to a whole new level. 

We will continue to make improvements to GrowNotes so stay tuned as other crop modules are progressively rolled out.

I hope you find the GRDC GrowNotes useful. 

Stuart Kearns
GRDC Executive Manager Regional Grower Services


Research and Industry Partners:

GRDC thanks and acknowledges its research and industry partners for their contribution to the GrowNotes:

  • Australian Mungbean Association (AMA)
  • Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF)
  • HSR Seeds
  • Kondinin Group
  • Maize Association of Australia (MAA)
  • New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)
  • Pacific Seeds
  • Peanut Company of Australia (PCA)
  • Pioneer Seeds
  • Pulse Australia
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF)
  • Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI) and University of Queensland (UQ)

Technical Reviewers and Advisers:

  • Liz Alexander, Blue Dog Ag
  • Mike Bell, QAAFI
  • Frank Boetel, Farmanco
  • Peter Botta, PCB Consulting
  • Phillip Burrill, QDAF
  • Paul Castor, Mike Castor and Associates
  • Kirrily Condon, Grassroots Agronomy
  • Ian Crosthwaite, BGA AgriServices
  • Gordon Cumming, Pulse Australia
  • Richard Daniel, Northern Grower Alliance
  • Greg Giblett, Greg Giblett Consulting
  • Greg Hartwig, Dalby Rural Supplies
  • Penny Heuston, Heuston Agronomy Services
  • Jim Hunt, Hunt Ag Solutions
  • Gururaj Kadkol, NSW DPI
  • Garren Knell, ConsultAg
  • Sue Knights, SEKnights Consulting
  • Rob Long, B&W Rural and Crown Analytical
  • Garry McDonald, ceser
  • Andrew McFadyen, Paspaley Pearls Properties
  • Pete McKenzie, Agricultural Consulting and Extension Services
  • Paul McIntosh, Landmark
  • Chris Maunder, B&W Rural
  • Melina Miles, QDAF
  • John Minogue, Ag & General Consulting
  • Bill Moore, Elders
  • Kevin Moore, NSW DPI
  • Andrew Morelli, MacGregor Goulay
  • Stuart Olsson, AGnVET Agribusiness Services
  • Garry Onus, Landmark
  • Drew Penberthy, Penagcon and Crown Analytical
  • Profarmer
  • Paul Parker
  • Trevor Philp, Pacific Seeds
  • Greg Platz, QDAF
  • Tim Poole, Poole Ag Consulting
  • Mary Raynes, Pulse Australia
  • Chris Robinson, Farmanco
  • Loretta Serafin, NSW DPI
  • Maurie Street
  • Steven Simpfendorfer, NSW DPI
  • John Stuchbury, AGRIvision Consultants
  • Paul Umina, cesar
  • Joop van Leur, NSW DPI
  • Hugh Wallwork, SARDI
  • Tim Weaver, Pulse Australia
  • Rob Weinthal, RAW Agricultural
  • Graeme Wright, PCA


  • James Clark, GRDC Northern Panel Chair
  • Stuart Kearns, Executive Manager, Regional Grower Services
  • Kyle Thoms, Senior Manager Products & Services
  • Sharon O’Keeffe, Manager Regional Grower Services – North
  • Roger States, Manager Regional Grower Services - West

Project Management and Editorial Production:

  • Seedbed Media