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Date: 26.11.2014

Integrated Weed Management of Feathertop Rhodes Grass 2014

Cover of Integrated Weed Management of Feathertop Rhodes Grass manual

In this publication you will find a range of practices, including crop rotation, residual herbicides and strategic tillage, which contribute to the aim of stopping seed production and exhausting the seed bank of Feathertop Rhodes Grass.

Outline of manual

The manual is divided into 8 sections:

Weed description

Describes the physical appearance of the weed.

Basic FTR biology

Describes germination and growing conditions, seed production, seed viability and stress tolerance.

Post-emergent herbicides

Lists the different available post-emergent herbicides for control of FTR and the benefits of double knock tactics.

Residual herbicides

Covers the options available for control of grass weeds in the Central Queensland, South East Queensland and Northern NSW region, including control in fallow and in-crop.

Strategic tillage

Describes how strategic tillage can be used to assist as a control option.

Crop rotation

Reports on trial data from a long term trial Biloela Research Station and how findings may be applied for control of FTR.

Integrated weed management

Emphasizes the importance of creating a plan for the control of FTR over a number of seasons to ensure elimination of the seed bank.

Incorporated recommendations

Combines all the findings in the manual into recommended courses of action based on three key scenarios.

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Region: National, Northern

Compiled by Darren Aisthorpe of the CQ Grower Solution Project, Agri-Science QLD, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.