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GroundCover™ Supplements

GroundCover™ supplements on specific R, D and E issues are also included on this page and published by the Grains Research and Development Corporation. It provides technical information for grain growers, including updates on research, trials, new varieties, farmer activities and case studies.

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  • GroundCover Issue 127 - Wheat pre-breeding

    Ground Cover

    Issue Number

    Featured Articles:

    - Paddock ready traits for troublesome soils
    - The genetic arsenal for root lesion nematodes
    - Quality a key to profitability

  • Ground Cover Issue 126 - Statistics for the Australian Grains Industry

    Ground Cover

    Issue Number

    In this issue:

    - The science of picking winners
    - Delivering better varieties with predictive analysis
    - Frost tool to fine-tune decision-making

  • GroundCover Issue 125 - Pulse breeding advances

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement cover page

    Issue Number

    In this issue:

    Research Builds Strong Pulse Future
    Chickpea Blight And Rot In Researchers' Sights
    Herbicide Tolerance Delivers Options
    Lentils Push Geographic Boundaries

  • Ground Cover Issue 123 - More Profit from Crop Nutrition 2

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement 123 More profit from crop nutrition II cover

    Issue Number

    Featured Articles:

    - Nitrogen: Water–nitrogen interplay sets yield potential
    - Phosphorus: Calculator crunches numbers for optimal inputs
    - Roots and nutrition: Researcher on the hunt for phosphorus-efficient wheat
    - Potassium and micronutrients: Nutrients under scrutiny as possible defence against frost

  • Ground Cover Issue 122 - Spray application

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover supplement cover page

    Issue Number

    Featured Articles

    - Spraying speed: Increasing speed can reduce coverage
    - Drift Management: Spray drift is in operator's hands
    - Nozzle outputs: Nozzle outputs respond to nozzle design and tank mix
    - Applicator toolbox: The operators' toolbox just got bigger

  • Ground Cover Issue 120 Tactical cereal agronomy

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement 120 Cover Page

    Issue Number

    Featured articles:
    - Early sowing shows national promise
    - Interaction of dry seeding with soil type and location can influence yield: Dry sowing delivers yield benefits over time
    - Retain several varieties with a range of maturities to maximise yield potential and minimise frost and heat risk: Match variety sowing time to optimise yield

  • Ground Cover Issue 119 - Grain storage

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement Issue 119

    Issue Number

    In this issue...
    • Understanding resistance
    • Grain Pest Management
    • Tools for growers

  • Ground Cover Issue 118 - Soil constraints

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement Issue 118 Cover

    Featured Articles:
    • New initiative investigates non-wetting soils
    • Ripping benefits quickly negated by wheel traffic
    • Maintain soil pH targets to optimise production

  • Ground Cover Issue 117 - Optimising canola profitability

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement Issue 117 Cover

    Issue Number

    Featured Articles:
    • Canola Performance in the East
    • HRZ Variety Selection
    • WA-Focused and National Research

  • Ground Cover Issue 116 - Foliar fungal diseases of pulses and oilseeds

    Ground Cover

    Ground Cover Supplement Issue 116

    Issue Number

    Featured Articles:
    • Seasonal sclerotinia triggers sought for better control
    • Pre-emptive breeding protects pulse industry
    • Close monitoring shows changing pathogen strains