Grains Research and Development

Date: 04.11.2013

GRDC on air

The GRDC has introduced a suite of audio programs to keep growers up to date with RD&E, locally and across the country.

GRDC Driving Agronomy radio logo

GRDC Ground Cover radio logo

GRDC Radio (Northern) logo

There are now three program titles in the GRDC audio library:

Ground Cover Radio

– an audio version of the main stories from the current issue of GRDC’s bimonthly Ground Cover magazine.

Driving Agronomy

– weekly interviews covering nationally significant research projects with Australia’s leading grains industry scientists and advisers.

GRDC Radio Updates

– weekly regional audio program that brings research down to the local level and includes local grains news, information and events.

Listen to the programs on the GRDC website or as a podcast downloaded onto a device such as a smartphone or MP3 player.

If you have an iPhone or iPad:

  • go to the iTunes website and search for ‘GRDC’;
  • subscribe to the programs you want to hear; and
  • the programs will automatically download to your phone or tablet as they become available.

For other devices:

  • go to;
  • click on the program you would like to hear; and
  • follow directions for subscribing to the podcast of your choice.

Podcasts are a great way of keeping up to date while you are on the move. Most vehicle audio systems now incorporate MP3 players and that is all you need to listen to GRDC podcasts in the tractor on the farm or in your vehicle on the way into town.


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