Grains Research and Development

Date: 01.09.1998

Reaping the Good Oil

Reaping the Good Oil

Agriculture Western Australia has launched a new canola information kit on harvesting canola called Reaping the Good Oil.

The kit contains key information on how canola growers can maximise their returns by getting the timing of swathing right both for yield and oil content, minimising losses and obtaining a clean sample.

The video kit includes some very practical ideas on modifications to harvest machinery to make your canola harvest more efficient and less trying. You can obtain 'grass roots' advice from experienced canola growers and some of the country's leading swathing and harvesting contractors. You'll find some new ideas on how to manage canola harvesting in the drier parts of the Australian graingrowing districts.

The information is equally applicable to canola growers in South Australia, NSW and Victoria.