Grains Research and Development

Date: 01.06.1999

What do you need for early harvest?

To harvest and handle grain above 15 per cent moisture, wet grain silos with steep cones are needed as well as:

  • high-capacity, hot-air rapid-drying facilities, or
  • moderate-capacity, hot-air drying facilities AND high-capacity aeration cooling facilities.

To harvest and handle grain of 13-15 per cent moisture, equipment options include:

  • moderate-capacity, hot-air drying facilities, or
  • low-capacity, hot-air drying facilities AND aeration cooling facilities, or
  • aeration drying facilities, but this is effective only if relative humidities are low.

For detailed information on drying and cooling, see:

  • Storing, Handling and Drying Grain: A Management Guide for Farms by Alan Andrews and Troy Jensen (QI 96081), a book available from DPI Client Service Centres, or
  • the Agridry Rimik Pty Ltd web site

This advice from Graham White, DPI Farming Systems Institute, and Yahya Abawi, DNR Queensland Centre for Climate Applications, presented through the GRDC Research Update seminar series.

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