Grains Research and Development

Date: 01.09.2001

Best bet chickpea management:

  • Budget carefully — is it worth growing chickpeas if you have to put on six or more applications of Bravo?
  • Select your paddock — no chickpea residues and preferably no neighbouring paddocks which had chickpeas in the previous year. Can you get on to the paddock in the wet to apply fungicide?
  • Clean seed — try to use the cleanest seed available.
  • Treat seed — with P Pickle TSC.
  • Sow late — as late as possible, in the Wimmera until at least July.
  • No double sowing — double sowing reduces the efficacy of fungicide.
  • Zinc nutrition — paddocks should have good zinc nutrition or receive it through foliar spray.
  • Apply fungicides early—at six weeks after sowing.
  • Apply fungicide regularly—every two or three weeks or before rainfall.
  • Coverage — boom application is better than aeroplane.