Grains Research and Development

Date: 01.09.2005

New-generation wheat

Photo of Haydn Kuchel

The first of a new generation of wheat varieties being developed by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), a joint venture of the GRDC, University of Adelaide and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) is expected to be available within 12 months.

[Photo: AGT wheat breeder Haydn Kuchel examines another promising wheat line in the glasshouse at Roseworthy]

AGT ScythePBR - which continues the Roseworthy Agricultural College tradition of naming wheat varieties after weapons or bladed implements - is expected to be available in large quantities for 2006. It was developed by AGT wheat breeders Gill Hollamby, Steve Jefferies and Haydn Kuchel.

AGT ScythePBR is a mid-season variety that has good stem rust resistance, making it a valuable option for growers in South Australia. Because of its seedling susceptibility and moderate-susceptible adult rating for stripe and leaf rust, it has not been classified for delivery in NSW or Victoria, where the risk of leaf diseases is generally higher. In SA, AGT ScythePBR - formerly RAC1055 - is classified as a hard-grained Australian Prime White wheat with a grain size, screenings and hectolitre weight similar to YitpiPBR. Two years of trials have established that it is widely adaptable and reliable in low-to-medium rainfall areas. In other AGT breeding programs, the GRDC is funding a project to produce highyielding drought-tolerant wheats with a range of disease resistances. One of these is in the national variety testing (NVT) program. AGT wheat breeder Haydn Kuchel examines another promising wheat line in the glasshouse at Roseworthy.

GRDC Research Code AGT1

PBR Varieties displaying this symbol beside them are protected under the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994.