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Date: 30.10.2013

Weed videos show growers how to

Author: Natalie Lee

Grain growers contemplating harvest weed seed control measures can access technical information ‘bites’ in new Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) YouTube videos.

GRDC plant health technologies program manager Ken Young said the timely videos, featuring interviews with leading Australian researchers and growers, had been developed as part of a GRDC weed management series.

“In addition to outlining the general concepts and practices of weed seed capture at harvest, there are excellent videos on the design features of windrowing chutes and chaff carts, as well as practical tips on harvester set-up and windrow management,” he said.

“These ‘how-to’ videos will guide growers through the practicalities of implementing harvest weed seed control (HWSC) measures.”

Researchers featured in the HWSC YouTube videos include Peter Newman and Michael Walsh, of the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative.

Western Australian growers featured are:

  • Darkan grower and Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) inventor Ray Harrington talking about the added benefits of HWSC at harvest for sowing the next season; and technical issues relating to the HSD;
  • Mullewa grower Andrew Messina talking about practical tips to make narrow windrow burning work;
  • Corrigin grower Lance Turner and Mullewa grower Rod Messina talking about issues relating to the set-up and use of chaff carts

The HWSC YouTube videos, produced with technical input from ICAN Rural, can be viewed at

Additional information on herbicide sustainability practices is available at

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