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There has been fundamental adjustment to GRDC’s structure and focus to align with the pillars of successful, profitable grain production. These are the GRDC research themes.

  1. Meeting market requirements
  2. Improving crop yield
  3. Protecting your crop
  4. Advancing profitable farming systems
  5. Improving your farm resource base and
  6. Building skills and capacity

The GRDC Strategic Plan 2012-17 will focus on delivering benefits to growers from current research and development (R&D). The GRDC recognises that impacts on grower profit and sustainability can be achieved through better delivery of the current outputs of R&D. GRDC is also committed to balance the research, development and extension (R,D&E) portfolio to deliver immediate outcomes and generate the information and technologies from R&D required for future delivery of innovation to growers.

The themes are designed to focus the RD&E portfolio on activities that will make the biggest difference and deliver the best return to Australian grain growers. The Research and Development section of this website is designed to provide better access to information on GRDC-funded Research and Development projects.