Grains Research and Development

Crop Variety Guides

These publications summarise information on current varieties of the major winter crops grown in Australia. Sources of additional information are listed in each chapter. Local advisers are also a key resource for information relevant to individual localities.

This publication aims to prompt growers to ask themselves, ‘Am I growing the best variety for my situation?’ Use it as a guide for discussion with consultants, advisers and marketing agents.

National Variety Trials (NVT)

The majority of variety trials presented in these books are sourced from the NVT program. NVTs provide independent information on varieties for growers. The aim of each NVT is to document a ranking of new and widely adopted varieties in terms of grain yield and to provide grain quality information relevant to delivery standards. 

Conducted to a set of predetermined protocols, NVTs are sown and managed as close as possible to local best practice such as sowing time, fertiliser application, weed management and pest and disease control, including fungicide application. NVTs are not designed to grow varieties to their maximum yield potential.

Latest Crop Variety Sowing Guides

Cover image of SA sowing guide 2017 South Australia
WA Barley Guide 2016 Barley
Western Australia
2015 Wheat variety guide for Western Australia Wheat
Western Australia
NSW Winter Crop Variety Sowing Guide 2015 New South Wales
WA Canola Variety Sowing Guide 2016 cover Canola
Western Australia