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Annual ryegrass

Annual ryegrass  (Lolium rigidum)

Glyphosate Resistant Annual Ryegrass in wheat 
(Photo A. Storrie)

Annual ryegrass is one of the most serious and costly weeds of cropping systems in southern Australia.

Annual ryegrass is a problem for a number of reasons:

  • It produces an extremely high number of seeds per plant
  • It is highly competitive
  • Is a host for the bacteria Clavibacter spp. that cause annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT)
  • It can be infected by ergot fungus
  • Many populations have developed resistance to both selective and non-selective herbicides

Further detail about this weed including integrated weed management tactics that could be considered when developing a management plan can be found in the section on problem weeds in the Integrated Weed Management Manual.

Further information

Ecology and biology of common weeds are outlined in section 6 of the Integrated Weed Management Manual

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Other information


RIM (Ryegrass Integrated Management), provides insights into the long-term management of annual ryegrass in dryland broadacre crops facing development of herbicide resistance. RIM enables alternative strategies and tactics for ryegrass management  to be compared for profit over time and impact on weed numbers. The software’s underlying model integrates biological, agronomic and economic considerations in a dynamic and user-friendly framework, at paddock scale and over the short and long-term.

The tool tracks the changes through time on a 10 year crop cycle for ryegrass seed germination, seed production and competition with the crop. Financial returns are also estimated annually and as a 10 year average return.

A free download is available from:

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Video Peter Newman on succesful control of multiple herbicide resistant lolium ryegrass with integrated strategies in WA