Grains Research and Development

About this Ute Guide

This guide is aimed to help farmers, advisers, researchers and students identify the most common annual, biennial and perennial weeds in southern, western and northern Australia. Seedling descriptions and photographs have been provided to enable the identification of early growth stages to ensure effective and timely control. Seed description and images will help identification of weed seed contamination in seed and grain samples.

This guide is designed to be used in the paddock. More detailed information can be obtained from the references and further information.

This guide concentrates solely on identification. For control measures and status (e.g. prohibited, declared, noxious), contact your local adviser-agronomist or refer to up-to-date publications for your area.

Some of the plants in the guide are native species and may be protected in some states / areas and you should seek advice on these plants. All native species have been identified with the filtering options.