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  • Amsinckia

    Amsinckia spp.

    • Mature plant erect to 90 cm, stem branched with long stiff and short downy hairs, flowering stems branched with alternate, stem clasping leaves smaller than rosette leaves.
    • Cotyledons ‘Y’ shaped, round apex, a few fine hairs and small ‘pimples’ on the upper surface.
  • Bladder campion

    Silene vulgaris

    • Mature plants are prostrate, ascending with slender stems, 30 to 90 cm long, deep, extensive interwoven root system allowing new growth after the opening rains.
    • Leaves arranged oppositely and alternately along stem, hairless, oblong and pointed, 50 to 70 mm long and 15 to 25 mm wide, blue-green, with upper leaves stem clasping.
  • Charlock

    Sinapis arvensis

    West, North
    • Mature plant erect to 80 cm, stem branched with longitudinal grooves, hairy, often with red leaf junctions and base.
    • Cotyledons kidney shaped, indented apex, hairless.
  • Chickory

    Cichorium intybus

    • Mature plant erect, rigid, grooved, branching, semi- naked stems to 1.2 m high with a stout taproot.
    • Cotyledons round or club shaped, indented apex, short petiole, hairless.
  • Chickweed

    Stellaria media

    • Mature plant prostrate or erect, stems up to 30 cm long, weak, round stem many branched, short hairs mainly on the stem and upper leaves.
    • Cotyledons oval, pointed apex, hairless.
  • Cleavers

    Galium aparine

    • Mature plants sprawling, weak stems up to 1 m long branching from the base, stems square with downwardly directed prickles on the corners giving the whole plant a sticky feel.
    • Cotyledons egg shaped with a notched apex, shorter and wider than Three-horned bedstraw (Galium tricornutum, page 234).