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  • Bifora

    Bifora testiculata

    • Mature plant is erect 20 to 35 cm high with deeply divided leaves.
    • Cotyledons spear shaped, hairless, apex round to pointed.
  • Branched broomrape

    Orobanche ramosa

    • Mature plants are root parasites without any chlorophyll up to 150 mm tall with a thickened underground stem (up to 8 mm in diameter), attached to the host plant root, numerous root-like structures spreading into the soil.
    • Stems straw to light brown, either single or up to 10 or more, branching at or near ground level.
  • Celery buttercup

    Ranunculus sceleratus

    • Mature plants erect to 80 cm, hairless, thick, hollow stems, with many branches in the upper part of the plant.
    • Leaves alternate, on long slender stalks, deeply divided into 3 or 5 segments, which are either lobed or toothed.
  • Calomba daisy

    Oncosiphon suffruticosa (previously named Pentzia suffruticosa)

    • Mature plants are erect and unbranched from base to flowering head, plants to 60 cm high, becoming woody with a strong chamomile scent.
    • Cotyledons oval, apex round
  • Dirty Dora

    Cyperus difformis

    • Mature plants erect with smooth tufted, sharply triangular stems, to 50 cm high, reddish roots.
    • Leaves few, from the base, grass-like, drooping, similar length to stems, 2 to 5 mm wide with reddish- brown sheaths, leaves may sometimes only be loose basal sheaths.
  • Barnyard grass

    Echinochloa crus-galli

    South, North
    • Mature plants usually erect, up to 1.5 m, tufted with slender, hairless stems, purplish colouring at the base.
    • Leaves flat, tapering to a point, 70 to 350 mm long, 6 to 20 mm wide, soft, almost hairless, margins narrowly thickened and often rough, ligules absent. The absence of a ligule is a key identification point.