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Multiple leaflets (43 results)

  • Cluster clover

    Trifolium glomeratum


    • Mature plants hairless, slender and prostrate with trailing stems to 20 cm long, stipule broadly triangular, long pointed with one or more small teeth.
    • Cotyledons oval, round apex, hairless.
  • Gorse

    Ulex earopaeus


    • Mature plant erect, spiny, branching shrub to 3 m high, woody stems turning brown at maturity with numerous spines and short branches which end in spines, prostrate stems at base may take root.
    • ‘Leaves’ narrow, spine-like, in clusters and appear whorled.
  • Hare’s foot clover

    Trifolium arvense


    • Mature plants erect to 25 cm, leaves and stem covered in woolly hairs, stipule, spear shaped, reddish .
    • Cotyledons oval, apex round, hairless.
  • Hop clover

    Trifolium campestre


    • Mature plants have creeping or ascending stems, hairless or slightly downy, stipules shorter than the leaf stalk.
    • Leaves alternate, trifoliate, leaflets borne on short stalks at the end of the main leaf stalk, terminal leaflet on a longer stalk than the other two, leaflets club to oblong-arrowhead shaped, 5 to 12 mm long, rounded and sometimes notched at the tip, toothed.
  • Hairy Indigo

    Indigofera hirsuta


    Seed leaves are oval, with short stalks. The first true leaves are elongated oval-shaped, hairy, with purplish stalks. Later leaves are divided into a number of leaflets, up to eleven in mature plants.

  • Flax leaf broom

    Genista linifolia


    • Mature plant erect up to 3 m high, ridged, woody, hairy stems .
    • Leaves of 3 hairy leaflets, petioles 2 to 4 mm long, leaflets linear to oblong 10 to 25 mm long, 0.5 to 4.5 mm wide, short spike at apex, margins curved under, stipules absent.