GRDC Statutory Funding Agreement Review

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) plays a vital role supporting the grains industry by investing in research, development and extension (RD&E) to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

Each year the GRDC invests almost $200 million in world leading RD&E to directly address constraints and capture opportunities in Australian grain production systems and value chains.

The GRDC operates under several statutory instruments, one of which is the Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) with the Commonwealth.

As part of our commitment to good governance and improved performance, and consistent with the terms of the SFA, the GRDC has engaged consulting firm ACIL Allen to undertake an external, independent review of the GRDC’s performance over the past five years.

The review will undertake an assessment of:

  1. The performance of the GRDC in meeting its obligations under the PIRD Act and the Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth.
  2. Development and implementation of the GRDC 2012-17 RD&E Plan, Annual Operational Plans, Risk Management Plan, Fraud Control Plan and Intellectual Property Management Plan.
  3. The efficiency with which the GRDC has carried out these plans.
  4. The efficiency and effectiveness of the GRDC’s investments.
  5. The effectiveness of these plans in delivering benefits to the Australian grains industry, including an assessment of the degree to which the GRDC’s investments have met the needs of the Australian grain growers.
  6. How the recent establishment of regional offices has contributed to engagement with growers, research partners and other stakeholders and how this has impacted the extension and adoption of RD&E.

The review period of 2015-19 covers a period when the GRDC’s strategies, organisational structure and operations have undergone significant change.

The outcomes of the review may inform future SFA’s between the GRDC and the Commonwealth Government.

Review Process

The review is comprehensive and includes a number of phases:

  • Pre-engagement phase: identify and locate a range of supporting materials to assist in development of review.
  • Stakeholder engagement phase: engagement with valued institutional stakeholders to capture data, insights and observations for analysis. This will include input from several GRDC managers and directors, advisory panels, representative bodies, grower groups, research partners and other related parties.
  • Data evaluation phase: examine performance and financial data to form an evaluation of how the corporation has performed against the plans and identified deliverables as per the terms of reference.
  • Compilation and drafting phase: data assessments, and stakeholder insights collated to form the review document.

The final review report and the GRDC’s response will be made available to the public.