Strategic RD&E Plan

This plan is the key planning document that guides the GRDC’s investments in grains research, development and extension priorities for the period 2018–2023.

This Plan specifically targets profitability for Australian grain growers, recognising the challenges ahead in the Australian grains industry to improve rates of return, through increased yields  and reduced costs.

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  • Strategic RD&E Plan 2018-23

    This plan prioritises investments against each of the key drivers and defines investment objectives, performance measures and targets. Detailed information on each of the priorities is provided in the two-page RD&E plan on pages 29–30.

The priorities were determined through extensive consultation involving a broad spectrum of industry participants, government and the GRDC’s representative organisations. During consultation the GRDC considered and sought feedback on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and long‑term trends in the Australian grains industry. That analysis is contained in this plan, and those factors have helped to identify the key investment areas in which GRDC investments can deliver a quantifiable impact. The investment portfolio is structured around the key drivers of profitability, which have been defined as: Profit = [Yield x Price – Costs] x Risk.

Strategic Research and Development Plan from previous years: