GRDC Grower Networks

The GRDC Grower Network initiative is designed to provide growers, advisers, researchers and industry with a clear and transparent avenue to raise issues (constraints and opportunities) that impact on their farm profitability with GRDC to ensure they are well understood and help inform future GRDC  research, development and extension (RD&E) investments.

The GRDC Grower Network operates nationally across five port zones in the Western Region, three rainfall zones in the Southern Region and six subregional zones in the Northern Region. The initiative involves a series of GRDC local forums and member meetings.

Grower Network local forums are open to all grains industry stakeholders and provide an opportunity to identify, describe and enable better understanding of issues limiting grain grower profitability on farm and within local area. The forums also provide an opportunity for two-way interaction between growers and key RD&E researchers and GRDC staff with? investments relevant to their local area.

Grower Network member meetings allow further development and understanding of issues raised during local forums and provide an opportunity to examine how issues align with GRDCs RD&E strategy. This process assists to inform future GRDC investment in RD&E and provides a transparent process for capturing issues affecting grower profitability.

Have your say

All grower, advisers, researchers and industry stakeholders are invited to contribute and submit their issues via the local forums or through the online survey.

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For more information about Grower Network regions, key contacts, the issues raised and resources addressing them, please go to the relevant regional page: