Southern Grower Networks

The Southern Region Grower Network is represented by members across three rainfall zones – low, medium and high. The network in each zone comprises 15 members (growers, advisers and researchers) who provide both geographical and skills-based representation.

In addition to member input, the Southern Grower Network initiative involves six GRDC local forums across the Southern Region per annum, conducted at different locations each year to provide an opportunity for growers and other stakeholders to engage with the GRDC and identify RD&E opportunities at a local level.

Map of Southern Region Grower Network zones and location of network members

Southern image map


Low rainfall zone members

Medium rainfall zone members

High rainfall zone members

Key contacts

Belinda Cay, Grower Network Coordinator & Lead Facilitator – Southern Region

0423 295 576,

Tom Blake, GRDC LRZ Representative, Grower Relations Manager – South

0418 893 186,

Courtney Ramsey, GRDC MRZ Representative Grower Relations Manager – South

0428 274 018,

Randall Wilksch, GRDC HRZ Representative, Grower Relations Manager – South

0437 769 098,

Issues raised

Below is a list of opportunities and constraints for each zone.