Grower Groups

Alkaline Soils Group
Established in 1999 by farmers and consultants the YP Alkaline Soils Group aims to identify research demonstrate and promote best practice farming systems in medium rainfall areas with alkaline soils. The Group is run by a voluntary committee of farmers and agronomists and has two part time staff. Research and communication activities are sub-contracted to specialists.

Birchip Cropping Group
The Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) is a farmer-driven agricultural organisation that conducts agronomic research on cereal pulse and oilseed crops grown in the Wimmera-Mallee region north-west of Melbourne.

Central West Conservation Farming Association (CWCFA)
The Central West Conservation Farming Association is a farmer run organisation promoting farm management practices that improve soil health.

Central West Farming Systems
Central West Farming Systems forms the platform for innovation extension and experimentation within the farming sector of the Central West of NSW. This enables local farmers in the 14 million hectares that we cover to undertake experimentation in their own geographical environment which varies considerably across the region.

Corrigin Farm Improvement Group
The CFIG is a strong farmer group committed to the betterment of the farming in the Corrigin area and the nation as a whole. We run regular field walks seminars field trials hire out tree planters and a weigh trailer. We are always looking for ways to improve the service and information that we provide to our members.

Facey Group
The Facey Group is an Association incorporated in Western Australia comprising of broad acre farm businesses based in and around the Shire of Wickepin.

Farmlink Research
FarmLink is made up of individual growers grower groups research organisations advisers and agribusiness in southern NSW. FarmLink gives growers the power to influence research priorities and be actively involved in the research process. FarmLink's main objective is to co-ordinate and communicate private public and growers group research and development activities supported by investment capital within the region.

Grain Orana Alliance
Grain Orana Alliance aims to facilitate greater cooperation and develop linkages between research providers, growers and consultants across the region who currently compete for investment capital and most importantly lack the capacity to validate research results on-farm in a timely manner and extend research outcomes outside their respective boundaries cost effectively

Grower Group Alliance
The Grower Group Alliance is supported by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA through Royalties for Regions and forms a network of grower groups research providers and grains industry representatives located throughout Western Australia.

Hart Field Site
The Hart Field Site is a premier agronomic field demonstration and trial site in South Australia.

Liebe Group
The Liebe Group is a progressive group working together to sustain and enhance the rural environment through a whole systems approach to agriculture.

MacKillop Farm Management Group
Australia's higher rainfall zones offer wonderful opportunities for farmers. However, they require management practices that are often unique. MacKillop Farm Management Group is based in the high rainfall zones of south eastern SA.

Mallee Sustainable Farming Project
Mallee Sustainable Farming Project The Mallee Sustainable Farming Project Inc. is a farmer-guided participatory research development and extension organization. Our mission is to increase the adoption of sustainable and profitable farming systems in the low rainfall Mallee regions of New South Wales Victoria and South Australia.

Mingenew-Irwin Group
Mingenew-Irwin Group Promoting and developing economic and environmentally sustainable agriculture through research planning monitoring and demonstrating best practice.

Northern Grower Alliance
The Northern Grower Alliance (NGA) coordinates and conducts applied agronomic research in response to prioritised northern region grain grower needs.
The NGA is currently working on projects supported by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC).

Partners in Grain (PinG)
Partners in Grain is a GRDC supported, grower-driven initiative which
- Facilitates accessible professional development opportunities
- Develops skills, knowledge and confidence
- Encourages and fosters increased grower participation at a business and industry level
- Primarily targets women and new generation producers, but is open to all members of any grain growing business
- Coordinates new and existing services, networks and investment programs.

Riverine Plains Inc
Riverine Plains Inc is a vibrant farmer group promoting excellence in farming systems by providing quality information leading research and sharing ideas for the economic environmental and social benefit of the Riverine Plains covering North East Victoria and Southern NSW. The group strives to solve common issues through trial work and good communication of results, both from our trials and from other researchers, to farmers in the Riverine Plains.

South Australian No-Till Farmers Association
South Australian No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA) is a state-wide farming organisation with over 1150 members across the farming areas of South Australia.

South East Premium Wheat Growers Association (SEPWA)
SEPWA is a farmer initiated group representing wheat (and barley) growers in the Esperance Port Zone. The major aim of the group is to assist growers in the Port Zone to produce premium quality grain to improve our market position for the future. SEPWA currently has an active membership of 220 farming entities which represents some of the most progressive growers in the region and makes SEPWA one of the largest grower groups within Western Australia.

Southern Farming Systems
Southern Farming Systems (SFS) is a not for profit cropping research organisation with 5 branches across Victoria and Tasmania. With a research focus that is purely centred on creating sustainable farming systems for farmers of the high rainfall zone, we understand that management practices need to be innovative and unique to the particular challenges faced in this region.

Southern Precision Agriculture Association (SPAA)
The Southern Precision Agriculture Association (SPAA), is a non-profit independent group that exists to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture technologies within the Southern Hemisphere, including:
- Livestock
- Horticulture
- Viticulture
- Grains
- Cropping

Stirlings to Coast Farmers
Stirlings to Coast Farmers (SCF) is a not-for-profit organisation led by farmers from the regions of Albany, Denmark, Walpole, Mt Barker and Cranbrook; an area expanding 100 km around the Albany Port Zone. The key focus for SCF is to deliver credible, relevant agricultural production research and information to our grower member base to enable the region and our members to increase productivity and profitability in a sustainable way and to build a more resilient farming community.

Victorian No-Till Farmers Association
Victorian No-Till Farmers Association (VNTFA) The VNTFA is aimed at educating farmers on how to develop economically agronomically and environmentally sound crop production systems through the application of No-Till farming techniques.

Special One Grain
Special One Grain is the grain marketing subsidiary of the 100% grower owned Walgett Special one Co-operative.

Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association
A farmer group researching developing and promoting sustainable ways of growing healthy high yield crops based on minimum soil disturbance systems diverse rotations smart chemical usage and maximum stubble retention.

West Midlands Group
West Midlands Group (WMG) is one of WA’s leading grower groups currently servicing Badgingarra, Dandaragan, West Moora, Regans Ford, Warradarge, Eneabba and the West Midlands coast. The West Midlands Group provides a local focus on crop and pasture research, natural resource management and the role of community in agriculture. West Midlands Group’s local focus ensures our member’s get up-to-date information that's relevant to their farm business.