Partnership opportunities

We forge partnerships with organisations willing to contribute to initiatives that will benefit Australian grain growers. In helping us achieve our objectives, partner organisations gain access to our extensive network of growers, researchers and industry stakeholders.


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Talk to us

Collaboration is the future of R&D. If you have a project or partnership idea we'd love to discuss it. To find out more contact:

Ron Osmond
GRDC General Manager Business Development
(02) 6166 4500

Why partner with us?

We’re one of the leading investors and facilitators of research and development (R&D) in the international grains industry. Becoming our partner means realising new opportunities to develop beneficial products and bring them to market.

We recognise R&D is more specialised than ever before – success often requires the input of expertise from across the globe. We help partners develop relationships with other entities that have complementary capabilities. In doing so, we pool the necessary expertise to create ground-breaking new products that will benefit the grains industry.

In acquiring access to our network of growers and industry stakeholders, our partners also gain invaluable opportunities to test, refine and commercialise research outcomes.

“Our cooperation with GRDC and Australian universities provides a global network that will help us deliver real benefits to Australian agriculture and beyond.”

Axel Trautwein, Head of Small Molecules Research at Bayer CropScience

Developing a partnership

There are many avenues for you to start developing your partnership with GRDC. We’d welcome expressions of interest from organisations that are willing to:

  • collaborate on exciting research projects
  • produce a video
  • host an event or forum
  • produce publications
  • contribute to R&D scholarships
  • present at industry events
  • propose other unique ways to support and promote our industry.
“The International Wheat Yield Partnership brings together research investors, international aid agencies, foundations, private industry and major wheat research organisations.”

Dr Richard Flavell, FRS, Chair of the IWYP Science Impact and Executive Board

Projects and case studies

Herbicide Innovation Partnership

Weeds cost Australian growers more than $3billion per year. One of the problems is that many Australian weed species have become herbicide resistant. GRDC has partnered with Bayer to develop new herbicides that will help overcome this challenge. The project is expected to result in new weed management solutions developed specifically for Australian conditions.

International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP)

Global wheat demand will rise by an estimated 60 per cent by 2050, yet growth in crop yields has effectively stagnated. The IWYP is an international research project that seeks to increase maximum wheat yield by up to 50 percent over 20 years. Australian researchers will make an important contribution with the support of GRDC investment.

Australian Grains Genebank

GRDC partnered with the Victorian Government to establish a state-of-the-art genebank that will house approximately 300 million seeds from around the world. The seeds will be used in current and future plan breeding programs that could result in new drought, frost and pest-resistant species.

The National Water Use Efficiency Initiative

GRDC invested $17.6 million in partnerships with regional grower groups and research agencies to improve water use efficiency in grain in southern and western regions. The initiative incorporates 16 different projects, each of which is informed by CSIRO climate modelling.

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