Commercial principles

GRDC’s purpose is to invest in RD&E that creates enduring profitability of Australian grain growers. While GRDC’s intellectual property management and delivery strategy will vary depending on the investment, the overriding aim is to ensure the most efficient and appropriate path to delivery is used to maximise benefit for Australian grain growers. In some cases, the outputs of an investment will be most effectively delivered to growers through commercial mechanisms.

Where commercialisation is the appropriate method to deliver on purpose, GRDC will:

  1. Establish and maintain ownership of intellectual property generated from GRDC investments and seek to maximise benefit to Australian grain growers from the exploitation of that intellectual property.
  2. Prioritise the delivery of benefit to Australian grain growers over potential for commercial returns to GRDC.
  3. Facilitate the delivery of R&D outcomes to Australian grain growers by selecting the most appropriate and sustainable commercialisation pathway.
  4. Actively seek to recover a commercial return from non-investing third parties that utilise IP derived from GRDC investments.
  5. Where appropriate, encourage private sector co-investment and involvement at any stage in the development and/or delivery of R&D that has the potential to benefit grain growers.
  6. Grant periods of exclusivity to IP only where this is required to maximise the efficient and effective development &/or delivery to growers.
  7. Plan and execute an appropriate exit strategy from commercial arrangements where ongoing involvement of GRDC is no longer desirable or required to maintain benefit to Australian grain growers.
  8. Consider commercialisation of intellectual property outside of Australia only if:
    1. it can be clearly demonstrated that no disadvantage to Australian grain growers will arise; and
    2. it will enhance the Australian grain industry’s competitive position; and/or
    3. it is necessary to underpin the sustainability of commercialisation; and/or
    4. the probability of IP leakage to non-investing third parties is sufficiently high to warrant formal commercial activities in international jurisdictions
  9. Income generated from commercialisation of R&D outputs will be re-invested consistent with the GRDC purpose.
  10. Outcomes of commercialisation activities will be measured and regularly reported to the GRDC Board, government, and stakeholders.

For more information please read the GRDC IP Management Plan (PDF 133KB)