Grower and Adviser Study Tours

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Study tours

We know peer to peer learning is an effective way growers can increase their understanding of an issue and confidence in making decisions to address it. A well planned study tour can provide lessons on issues relevant to participants and accelerate the uptake of research and development (R&D) outputs. Ultimately, improving the profitability and sustainability of grain growing operations.

This is why growers and advisers can apply for GRDC support for their study tour, and we help facilitate engagement with leading researchers or growers in other regions implementing best practice.


We consider applications for study tour support from growers and advisers seeking to gain knowledge, learn new skills, build relationships and leverage research and development (R&D) investments.

Tour organisers should consider the risks associated with undertaking travel, take steps to mitigate these, and ensure tour participants and those they are proposing to visit are comfortable with the arrangements prior to applying.

Where circumstances change and the activities or purpose of the tour are significantly different to what was described in the application, GRDC support may be reconsidered.


Applications open Friday 1 April and close Friday 13 May 2022.


  1. Minimum 75% grower participation
  2. Application is not for agri-political activities or advocacy purposes
  3. Organisers must complete and submit the GRDC Study Tour Application form so we can assess:
  • Purpose of the proposed travel: Clearly identified learning objective that demonstrates understanding of current research and includes what the proposed area/s of learning will be.
  • Scope and benefit of impact: Expected impact of the travel on practice change on farm or benefits to the Australian grains industry.
  • Value for money: It is unlikely GRDC will support applications where more than 50% of the total cost of travel is sought.
  • Alignment with GRDC strategy.

Growers may apply for support to bring a researcher or expert to speak to local growers on a particular topic. We will consider these applications where it is more economical and practical for growers. However the same requirements apply i.e. the group requesting support for the expert must be more than 75% growers, the benefit flows beyond individuals etc.

Support may also be considered for individual growers on occasion. In this case, applicants would hold leadership positions in the Australian grains industry and the activity must benefit the industry as a whole and support the Capacity and Ability Framework outcomes.


Completed forms must be emailed to with the subject line:

STUDY TOUR: [name of study tour group/origin-destination]


Please contact or 02 6166 4500.

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