Scholarships, sponsorships and awards

Our approach to capacity and ability development

To create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers, we need access to facilities, services and networks to deliver our Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) outcomes. We support and develop individuals to:

  • solve industry problems through innovative RD&E
  • inform industry discussion and lead collaboration
  • drive adoption of research and development (R&D) outputs.

We recognise building skills and capacity to serve the grains industry is complex and the responsibility of both individuals and organisations. However, we're well placed to facilitate collaboration across the industry, and consider action that will benefit Australian grain growers.


Our approach is to develop individuals, institutions, infrastructure and systems to ensure the success of the Australian grains industry. This is guided by our Capacity and Ability   Framework, which is   one of four frameworks in our 2019-23 RD&E Plan.

The Framework refines the statutory  scope of our investment in capacity and ability to provide greater strategic focus on key activities. It also underpins all of our RD&E investments.

A selection of our current activities include:

Attract and nurture  the talent required to conduct and deliver world-class grains RD&E:

Support thought leadership and pathways to innovate, translate and adopt:

Facilitate access to critical infrastructure and technologies required to deliver grains R&D:

  • ARC Research Hub for Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Australian Grains Gene Banks (AGG) Capacity and Capability Enhancement.