Grower Development Awards – Study Tours

Grower Development – Study Tours

Applications open:                Tuesday 11 September 2018
Applications close:                5pm Canberra local time Tuesday 9 October 2018

The GRDC Grower Development Awards - Study Tours provides support for groups of growers and their advisers interested in travelling to gain new knowledge, learn new skills, build relationships or explore grain research investments.   Successful applications will demonstrate a clear learning objective or research question, that if addressed, will drive practice change on-farm.

Applications must include an effective communication plan to extend the learning outcomes to their wider grain growing community.  This may include the use of social media, development of newsletters, articles, grower group presentations etc.

Domestic Study Tours:
The GRDC willsupport Australian grain growers or groups of individual growers for domestic study tours and associated domestic travel.   Applications are invited from named individuals or groups of named individuals outlining their proposed study tour topic and hypothesis they wish to investigate.

GRDC will support up to six domestic study tours per GRDC region not exceeding $15,000 (exc GST) per application.

International Study Tours:
The GRDC will support Australian grain growers, or advisors working directly with growers, wishing to undertake an International Study Tour on key issues facing the industry.  The aim is to develop international networks, build relationships in both the consultant and research spheres and acquire new knowledge to increase idea generation and continually improve Australian cropping systems.

GRDC will support up to one international study tour per GRDC region not exceeding $30,000 (exc GST) per application.

Groups are encouraged to visit relevant research projects, centres of excellence, farming systems groups or similar. Applicants should demonstrate how the visit will support GRDC’s purpose of ensuring profitability to Australian grain growers and how it fits within GRDC’s RD&E Plan 2018-2023

GRDC is unlikely to support applications where greater than 50% of the total investment is sought.


This program is available to groups (minimum of 5) of Australian grain growers, and can be accompanied by an agronomic adviser.

Growers should comprise at least 75% of any proposed study tour group.  Applications will not be considered from agri-political groups, lobby groups, grower groups where group staff dominate.


Applications will be accepted through the Grains Investment Portal (please see below).

NB the Evaluation Criteria forms part of the application, but the entire application will be considered in the assessment process.

Through the Portal, applicants will need to respond to the Evaluation Criteria:

  1. A clearly identified learning outcome. This should involve a research question to be tested, that if addressed, would provide technologies or techniques that could be applied locally.

And provide details in the fields below:

Summary of planned activities.

Rationale and background for the proposed area of study for the tour.  Including the relative importance and suitability of the proposed study and the relevance of the proposed information learned to local growers or group.

A methodology.  Including detail on the planned itinerary, reason for timing (seasonality, event dates etc), and how the tour itinerary will contribute to the learning outcome.

Key words, such as technology, farming systems, weeds etc.

The delivery pathway that describes the methods that will be used to communicate and extend the study tour learnings to a wider audience.  Am attached communication plan can be submitted with the application.

A capability statement.

At least one specified personnel (additional study tour participants can either be added to the form, or listed in an attachment).

A proposed budget for the tour, including GRDC and non-GRDC funds.  An attachment with budget details can be submitted with the application.

The Contract Compliance Statement is not applicable in this instance.  The standard payment terms for these Awards are 75% on signing, 25% on acceptance of the Final Report.

The References section does not require a response, however if you believe your application is enhanced by including relevant information you may do so.

If the proposed study tour is occurring within four weeks of the application closing date please contact Jessie MacLean.  You will still need to complete the application process through the Portal, however GRDC will consider fast-tracking the assessment of these applications.

If you have any questions relating to the application process please contact

Jessie MacLean       02 6166 4500 or

Tegan Slade            07 4571 4801

The GRDC Grains Investment Portal

Please apply via the GRDC Grains Investment Portal. Once registered, users can visit the Portal any time.

To register as a user, please visit

Click on the register button at the top right-hand side.

Complete the Registration Form. Fill in all the fields: your email address, a password and the captcha. Your password must be alphanumeric with at least one special character (i.e. not a letter or number). Click register to continue the process.

Registration is confirmed by the system sending an email to you, with details to complete the registration process.

Once the registration process is complete, you can sign in and commence the application process for Grower Development Awards - Study Tours by completing the details for each field available, until you reach “Submit Application” on the last page.

Applications will be considered by GRDC and the successful applicants will be informed within six weeks of the application closing date.

Questions & Answers

Question 1.

When must the proposed travel be completed by for the current round of grower study tour awards?

Answer 1.

All study tours should be completed by early May 2019, so the communication activities and Final Reports can be delivered by the end of May. Pending the finalisation of the Capacity and Ability Framework as part of the RD&E Plan, GRDC will run another Grower Study Tour application round before May 2019 to allow for travel in the second half of the year.