Grower and Adviser Study Tours

GRDC Grower and Adviser Study Tours now offered and assessed on continuous basis. Photo: Nicky Tesoriero

GRDC support for grower and adviser study tours

The GRDC welcomes applications from growers and advisers to undertake study tours or related travel with a clear learning objective to gain new knowledge, learn new skills, build relationships and leverage GRDC’s research investments. Travel should be aligned with either the GRDC’s Key Investment Targets (KITs) or the Capacity and Ability Framework within the GRDC's Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Plan.

The success of the Australian grains industry is dependent on growers’ uptake of research outcomes, and growers’ understanding of issues and opportunities.  Supporting growers and advisers to undertake study tours is an investment in our key stakeholders and is highly valued by the GRDC, our growers and advisers.

Groups seeking support from the GRDC are encouraged to visit relevant research projects, centres of excellence, farming systems groups or similar. Applicants should demonstrate how the visit will support the GRDC’s purpose of ensuring profitability to Australian grain growers.

GRDC Support

GRDC support for growers and advisers to undertake study tours will favour groups pursuing a clear learning objective that will lead to practice change on farm.  Support may occasionally be considered for individual growers who hold leadership positions in the Australian grains industry, and where the activity supports outcomes proposed in the Capacity and Ability Framework (page 22 of GRDC’s RD&E Plan) and the benefit of GRDC support flows to the industry as a whole.


Applications by growers/advisors/groups may be made to support a researcher to visit a group (min 75% growers) if it is more practical than growers visiting the researcher and all other requirements are met.

Ensuring outcomes of study tours are communicated effectively to the industry is an important component of these investments.

The GRDC is unlikely to support applications where greater than 50% of the total investment is sought.

Application and evaluation process

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