Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Applications must be completed by the Supervisor on behalf of the student

Application ID

This does not need to be completed as it is an automatically generated field.

Contract Title

Title of your project. This should be something that meaningfully describes the work being undertaken.

Service Provider

The entity that the GRDC is contracting with eg; University. If you can’t see your organisation in the service provider field when applying, it means your account is not associated with an organisation. To fix this you will need to click your name in the top right and select Organisation information and choose Add. From there you can either Select Existing (where that organisation already exists in our system), or Add New.


Applicants are able to respond to each of the Outputs by selecting the drop-down arrow beside each output and selecting edit.

Selection Criteria

Applicants are able to respond to each of the Selection Criteria by selecting the drop-down arrow beside each selection criteria and selecting edit.


Explain if you already hold an APA award or any equivalent awards, such as scholarships from your university, the CSIRO, etc.  If you have applied for an APA but the decision is pending you can still apply for a Grains Research Scholarship, but the award will be conditional on your APA application being successful.

Contract Summary (Max 100 words)

Briefly explain in plain English the project: its aims/objectives, relevance to published GRDC priority, and benefit to industry.

Key Words (up to six)

Up to six keywords to describe the project

Contract Rationale and Background (Max 200 words)

Brief scientific background to your project; knowledge-gaps and/or issue to be addressed including hypothesis to be tested; expected outputs and practical application/implication of results; role of industry partner. Clearly demonstrate how your proposal addresses the GRDC investment priority and industry gap.

Capability Statement - Student (Max 100 words)

Brief explanation of your skills that are relevant to undertaking supervised research eg; written and spoken communication skills to undertake critical reviews and oral presentations, data management, statistics, techniques in monitoring processes in the field or laboratory, etc

Methodology (Max 150 words)

Briefly explain the procedures to be used; field/laboratory based; treatments; experimental design and statistical analysis; data collection protocols; timelines.

Dissemination Process (Max 50 words)

In addition to the scientific publications, what are the other venues for communicating the study to the stakeholders – seminars, grower forums, etc; who are the key stakeholders.

Contract Personnel

This is the supervisor and the student.

Intellectual Property & Commercialisation

Any third IP to be deployed in the proposed research should be listed.


Three references are required. Applicants need to add the names of their referees here.Each referee needs to complete the “Scholarship Referee Report” and submit via e-mail. The form and e-mail address is on our website

A statement on your most significant contributions – student (Max 50 words)

Experience with researchers/advisers/growers and/or community groups eg; Landcare, Farming champion, etc; explain nature of activity.

Other evidence of impact and contribution to this – student (Max 50 words)

Examples could be voluntary work overseas, mentoring, articles published

Detail your research experience – student (Max 100 words)

Brief explanation of research experience e.g. honours, masters or practical project completed and/or participated in – topic, objective, type of study (field/laboratory), findings, were the results disseminated (seminars/conference/publication).

Contract budget

This does NOT need to be completed.

Submitting additional Documents

For all other supporting documentation please submit these documents on the last page of the application process before you submit.