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  • Business Improvement Officer (Non IT) (Canberra)

    The position will assist the Head of Governance and Reporting in meeting corporate governance requirements and with the coordination, advisory and development of GRDC's Quality and Assurance Framework. This includes the responsibility for developing specific best practice Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), procedures, processes and contract management protocols that are critical to effective operations.
    Expires: 27 Oct 2017

  • Genetic Technologies Officer (Canberra)

    Canberra | Genetic Technology Investments | Contract Management. This position requires the successful applicant to assist the Manager Genetic Technologies in developing appropriate genetic technology investments and ensuring that related contracts are managed in an effective, efficient and compliant manner. This will include the on-going management of relationships with stakeholders to ensure contracts are negotiated to deliver maximum return on investment for GRDC and will include managing milestone reporting.

  • Manager NVT Programs (Perth; Toowoomba; Canberra; or Wagga Wagga)

    2 Positions - Perth & choice of Toowoomba, Canberra or Wagga Wagga | Assess & manage trial protocols | Variety specific agronomy. The National Variety trials (NVT) is one of GRDC’s most visible and valuable RD&E initiatives. NVT aims to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers by providing robust crop variety performance information directly to growers through national trial networks and variety-specific agronomic activities. The NVT Manager is responsible for assessing and managing trial protocols, auditing field data and data publication frameworks, and takes responsibility for local extension and communication activities of NVT results.

  • Manager Measurement Systems (Canberra)

    Identifying strategic R&D Developing & managing investments. This position will assist senior management to develop sound business cases for genetic technology investments and subsequent contract management requirements with stakeholders. Supporting the GRDC management team, this will include identifying strategic R&D requirements, developing and managing investments in high-throughput methodologies and technologies, and leading investments in innovative high-throughput solutions to measure environmental variables through trials.

  • Manager Weeds (Canberra; Toowoomba; Wagga; Horsham; Adelaide or Perth)

    Location Flexible - ACT, Toowoomba, Wagga, Horsham, Adelaide or Perth | National strategic role | Non-genetic threats. This newly created position will work closely in the team managing all non-genetic threats to the industry and is a critical resource in maintaining the industry’s knowledge in crop protection methodology and solutions. The role will work closely with a wide variety of stakeholders across industry, research, university and commercial agribusiness partners, and its aim is to build strong crop protection and biosecurity business cases regional and nationally to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

  • Manager Commercialisation

    These positions require successful applicants to assist in the building of strong strategic plans and business cases for the delivery of R&D outcomes to growers including path to market and freedom to operate analysis. They support their respective regions ongoing IP management issues across investment proposals, existing commercial arrangements and future business case proposals. These roles require highly developed negotiation skills and understanding of private and public-sector research protocols and operations.

  • Manager Grower Relations (Wagga Wagga; Perth; Adelaide; West Victoria; Toowoomba)

    6 Roles - WA/SA/Vic/NSW/Qld, Facilitating critical research outcomes, Extension & communication