Organisation structure

The GRDC's operations are tailored to most effectively apply the organisation’s resources to achieve its outcomes.

Through the GRDC structure, the strengths of the GRDC’s highly committed staff are enhanced by the depth of experience of its directors and the diverse knowledge and skills of its advisory panel members. All aspects of the GRDC’s performance and accountability are underpinned by robust corporate governance policies and practices.


The GRDC Board, sets strategic direction and monitors the ongoing performance of the corporation and the Managing Director.

The Board has combined expertise in business management strategy; corporate governance; commodity production, processing and marketing; finance; risk management; management and conservation of natural resources and the environment; R&D administration; science, technology and technology transfer; intellectual property management; and public administration.

Board members are appointed by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry on the recommendations of an independent selection committee.


The GRDC's advisory panels help to ensure that GRDC investments are directed towards the interests of all its stakeholders and deliver benefits as relevant products and services in each grain-growing region. The efforts and expertise of this network of growers, advisers and researchers are important to the GRDC's success.

The National Panel

  • addresses national RD&E priorities across the GRDC’s investment portfolio and makes recommendations to the Board
  • assists the Board to maintain links with grain growers, the Australian Government, state and territory governments and research partners.

The National Panel is composed of the chairs of the three regional panels, the Managing Director and the GRDC's executive managers.

The Region Panels

The Northern Region Panel, Southern Region Panel and Western Region Panel represent Australia's three grain-growing regions.

Each region panel:

  • identifies and monitors regional and national grains industry issues that are relevant to the region
  • interacts with grower groups, research advisory committees and other interested parties in the region to exchange information
  • identifies and develops priorities for RD&E investment and recommends these to the National Panel
  • keeps growers and advisers in the region informed about the GRDC’s strategic direction, investment portfolio and research projects
  • assists staff in monitoring the effectiveness of the investment portfolio.

The region panels are composed of grain growers, agribusiness representatives, researchers and the GRDC’s leadership.

Functional Organisational Chart