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The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is interested in ensuring that farming can be made easier through a range of mobile based applications.

Our free mobile apps now allow you to undertake activities in the paddock and interact with your networks on your iPhone, iPad or Android™ device.

The apps are free to download and feature an ability to identify day to day weeds, insects and other useful identification guides (coming soon).

The apps also offer a suite of useful and helpful resources that will assist growers to access the latest Research, Development and Extension information.

Click on a link below to visit the relevant online app stores to download your free copy of the apps:

GRDC Applications

GRDC Lentils Ute Guide

Lentils Ute Guide App Logo

The Lentils Ute Guide app is designed to assist in the recognition of symptoms including those of disease, insect attack, and poor nutrition in lentil crops, as well as identifying critical issues of best practice in growing and marketing the crop.

Application features:

  • High quality images for in paddock identification
  • Symptom sorter to enable disease diagnosis
  • Insect ID using physical characteristics
  • Comprehensive search functionality

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Winter Cereal Nutrition: The Ute Guide

Winter Cereal Nutrition: The Ute Guide app store art

Winter Cereal Nutrition: The Ute Guide is designed to assist growers to easily identify cereal nutritional disorders. It covers both nutrient deficiencies and toxicities and environmental, chemical and physiological disorders which can give similar symptoms to nutrient disorders.

The app contains prominent images, thorough descriptions of the issue and its contributing factors.

Application features:

  • Predictive search topics for disorders
  • Compare photos of nutritional disorders side by side with pictures in the app
  • Investigate other disorders with similar symptoms instantly
  • View other symptoms that a disorder may cause
  • Opt to download content updates containing the latest research on nutritional disorders for winter cereals
  • Receive notifications of winter cereal news from GRDC

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Available as an Android™ app on Google play and for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Field Peas: The Ute Guide

Field Peas: The Ute Guide store icon

Field peas: The Ute Guide app will assist in recognising disease, insect attack and poor nutrition symptoms in field pea crops. Also contains best practice in growing and marketing the crop.

Application features:

  • Predictive search for topics
  • Progressive Symptom Sorter to identify disease or physical, nutritional or chemical disorders and their management
  • Compare photos of field pea disorders or pests side by side with pictures in the app
  • Opt to download content updates in-app to ensure you’re aware of the latest research on field peas
  • Receive notifications of field pea news from GRDC

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Available as an Android™ app on Google play and for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Insect ID: The Ute Guide

Insect ID: The Ute Guide app store art

Insect ID: The Ute Guide is a comprehensive reference guide for insect pests commonly affecting broadacre crops and growers across Australia, and includes the beneficial insects that may help to control them. Photos have been provided for multiple life-cycle stages, and each insect is described in detail, with information on the crops they attack, how they can be monitored and other pests that they may be confused with. Use of this app should result in better management of pests, increased farm profitability and improved chemical usage.

As not all insects found in field crops are in this app, further advice may be required before making control or management decisions. Talk to your agronomist or the Department of Agriculture/Primary Industries for more complete information on identification, management and thresholds.

Application Features:

  • Region selection
  • Predictive search by common and scientific names
  • Compare photos of insects side by side with insects in the app
  • Identify beneficial predators and parasites of insect pests
  • Opt to download content updates in-app to ensure you’re aware of the latest pests affecting crops for each region
  • Ensure awareness of international bio-security pests

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Available as an Android™ app on Google play and for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Weed ID: The Ute Guide

GRDC Weed App Icon

Weed ID: The Ute Guide application is designed to assist growers in the identification of the most common weeds found in paddocks throughout Australia. Where possible, photos have been provided for each stage of the weed’s lifecycle, from seed and seedling through to mature and flowering plants.

These are categorised by plant type, and results for each can be refined by state and lifecycle, and whether they are native, currently flowering or have a distinctive smell.  

The application allows users to search, identify, compare photos of their own paddock weeds to those in the app.

What’s new in the latest version:

  • Northern Australian weeds
  • Filter weeds by region
  • Predictive search weeds by common and scientific names
  • Compare photos of weeds side by side with weed photos in the app
  • Refine weed results by lifecycle, whether they are native, currently flowering or have a distinctive smell
  • Opt to download content updates in-app to ensure you’re aware of new weeds affecting each region

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Available as an Android™ app on Google play and for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

GRDC GrowNotes

Wheat, chickpeas, sunflowers – whatever the crop, you’ll find everything you need to know in this easy to use app for download on your mobile devices. 

At home, in the ute, or out in the paddock, you can access GRDC’s GrowNotes, Tips and Tactics, as well as, the latest GRDC news, with the tap of a finger. 

Grains Research and Development Corporation is one of the world’s leading grains research organisations. The GrowNotes are design to be a go to manual, for our agronomists and growers, so they can effortlessly find all the information needed to make the best decisions for their crops. 
Getting info on the latest insect, weed or disease control has never been easier. You will also find everything you need to help you plan your crop, to how to get the most from your harvest.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

GRDC Ute Guides

GRDC UteGuides App is a mobile information resource for farmers and agronomists working in the Australian Grains Industry. It provides searchable library topics with extensive high resolution images on subjects relevant to grain-growers. It compliments and extends GRDC's paper-based Ute Guide series by linking all resources under a single App. Currently, the library contains only the "Herbicide Injury" Guide, but other topics will be included throughout 2016 and beyond.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Crop Disease Au

The Crop Disease Au application has been developed by the Australian National Variety Trials program (NVT) and funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation GRDC). It provides quick access to current disease resistance ratings, disease information and an extensive disease image library.

Compare the resistance ratings of wheat, barley, canola, chickpea, faba bean, field pea, lentil, lupin, oat and triticale for a range of different diseases. Compare disease symptoms with photographs and access detailed descriptions of each disease with management controls. Explore detailed information on crop varieties, map diseases, and automatically share photographs with friends or colleagues via email.

With live feeds from the Australian National Variety Trials (NVT) database, variety information will always be up to date and information on newly released varieties will become instantly available upon their release.

The disease resistance ratings presented in the app are developed in collaboration with with a working group of pathologists from state-based departments, universities and private consultancies funded by GRDC. The disease ratings used in this app can also be found on the NVT website ( and in the sowing/variety guides developed by the state-based departments of agriculture and primary industries.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

2016 GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth

Grain Industry Association of Western Australia presents 2016 GRDC Grains Research Update, Perth.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store


The WeedSmart App is a simple tool to assess the weed management for a specific paddock. By answering nine short questions about a paddock’s farming system, the tool will assess herbicide resistance and weed seed bank risk.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store


Soilwater App (SWApp) provides Australian farmers and advisers with a ready estimate of plant available water in the soil (PAW) during a fallow and early crop phase.

Soil water (PAW) can be a critical component of a crops water supply, influencing crop yield and profit. Estimates of PAW contribute to richer decisions at planting and early in crop growth where inputs can be adjusted.

SWApp estimates soil water (PAW) using a tested water balance model and inputs from:

  • weather data from a nearby Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) sourced from the Silo (; plus
  • rainfall data from a local rain gauge (entered manually); or
  • rainfall data automatically uploaded from a Bluetooth enabled rain gauge (10m range); and
  • a soil description best suited to local conditions; and
  • soil and crop cover conditions for each paddock.

The model in SWApp simulates infiltration, runoff, evaporation, transpiration and deep drainage to provide an estimate of soil water on a daily basis. Additionally, SWApp uses long term climate data to provide a forward looking estimate of likely outcomes for the specified soil, climate and cover conditions. Starting conditions are specified by the user and can be adjusted from sensors such as a soil push probe or soil water sensor network.

The functionality of SWApp will increase us more data sources come on-line (e.g. other climate and soil water networks and new sensors).


SoilwaterApp was developed for the Grain Research and Development Corporation project “New tools to measure and monitor soil water” (USQ 00014) by the University of Southern Queensland. This App’s development benefited from the significant contributions of grain growers and research scientists across Australia who contributed data for model testing and feedback on the user experience.

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Other Ute Guide formats

To order a hardcopy of the ute guides, please follow the instructions from the GRDC Bookshop.

Connecting to a wireless network (Wi-Fi)

Depending on your 3G service provider and the application size, you may need to connect to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) to download the application.

Visit the following links for instructions on:

When using public wireless networks, please ensure that the network you connect to is secure and that you have permission to connect to the network.

If you are attending a GRDC-sponsored event, there may be free Wi-Fi access available. If you are having trouble connecting to the free Wi-Fi at the event, please ask a GRDC representative or event staff member for assistance.

GRDC Investment Partner Applications


BeeConnected is a nation-wide, user-driven smart-phone app that enables collaboration between beekeepers, farmers and spray service contractors to facilitate best-practice pollinator protection. BeeConnected is free and available on iPhone, Android and desktop computers.

Through BeeConnected, farmers and contractors may register and will then receive notifications when a registered beekeeper positions beehives near their properties or near a proposed crop protection product application activity that the farmer is undertaking.

Registered beekeepers will also receive notifications alerting them when a registered farmer or contractor enters a proposed nearby crop protection product application activity. The tool also enables instant messaging between registered participants to assist beekeepers, farmers and contractors work together to keep Australia’s honeybees healthy, whilst maintaining privacy through the use of a restricted in-App messaging service.

Australian CliMate

Australian CliMate is a suite of climate analysis tools for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The App allows you to interrogate climate records (over the last 60 yrs) to ask a number of questions relating to rainfall, temperature, radiation, as well as derived variables such as heat sums, soil water and soil nitrate.

It is designed for decision makers who use past climate statistics, forecasts and knowledge of system status (e.g. soil water, heat sum) to better manage their business. CliMate has a number of analyses structured around the following questions:

  1. How often? What is the chance of a rainfall event based on 'x' amount of rainfall over 'y' days? How often is a heat sum achieved in a set period of time? What is the probability of temperature being above or below a critical level? E.g. for germination or flowering
  2. How hot-cold? When planning for an optimum temperature regime, when are heat and cold stresses lowest? e.g. crop flowering
  3. Season's progress? When adjusting inputs during a crop or pasture season, how does the current season compare with previous conditions in terms of rainfall, temperature, heat sum or radiation?
  4. How wet? N? How much water and nitrate have I stored over the fallow? This may help me adjust inputs to better match yield expectations.
  5. How likely? Based on current ENSO conditions, what is the probability that rainfall or temperature is greater than or less than key thresholds (e.g. terciles, median) and how reliable have these forecasts been in the past?
  6. How's El Nino? What is the current ENSO status based on key atmospheric and oceanic indicators? What is the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's interpretation of this?
  7. How's the Past? Presents graphical views of monthly and annual rainfall, temperature and radiation to explore historic patterns.

CliMate was developed for the Managing Climate Variability Program (MCVP), a partnership between five Rural Research and Development Corporations. The program builds on more than a decade of climate research by its predecessor, the Climate Variability in Agriculture Program, established under the National Drought Policy in 1992 and extended under the Advancing Australian Agriculture initiative in 1998.

The MCVP aims to help farmers and natural resource managers manage the risks and exploit the opportunities afforded by Australia's variable and changing climate by:

  • improving forecasting accuracy, lead-time and ease of use
  • providing tools and services for managing climate risk
  • getting more farmers managing their climate risk

MVCP Partners

  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Grains Research & Development Corporation
  • Meat & Livestock Australia
  • Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
  • Sugar Research and Development Corporation

CliMate was developed for the MCVP by RPS Australia East Pty Ltd and program written by DHM Environmental Software Engineering Pty Ltd

Download on the App Store

Available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store

SoilMapp for iPad

SoilMapp for iPad makes soil information accessible from your location. It enables users to:

  • learn about the likely soil types on their property
  • view maps, photographs, satellite images, tables and graphs of data about nearby soils
  • uncover their soil’s physical and chemical characteristics, including acidity (pH), soil carbon, available water storage, salinity and erodibility
  • get soil information to put into the farm computer model APSIM, a model that can help with management decisions on crops and project likely crop yields
  • access the app anywhere there is wireless or internet connection to their iPad.


MyCrop is an interactive tool that brings crop diagnostics to the paddock. It is a one stop shop to help you:

  • estimate whether you are reaching your wheat yield potential as determined by rainfall
  • identify your soil type and provide information about key soil issues
  • diagnose problems in your wheat crop and provide possible remedies         

CropMate VarietyChooser

CropMate VarietyChooser is a decision tool for farmers, to help choose varieties of barley, canola, chickpea, oats, triticale and wheat. Choose your region, desired disease resistance levels, see comparative yield trials to narrow down your choices and see details of each variety.


APVMA puts the database of Australian registered agricultural and veterinary chemical products in your hand with this free resource.

FarmSafe Safety Induction

Farmsafe Safety Induction for iOS and Android is a free app which seeks to further improve the safety induction of new workers. This tool provides a general guide to introducing safety for workers on most farms. Workers complete the app in discussion with the farm owner/manager and then a record of the induction and issues it has covered are emailed directly to the worker and the farm owner/manager - helping to simplify the record keeping process.

Please contact Tom McCue or for enquires regarding applications on this page:

Tom McCue
Manager Digital Products and Services, Regional Grower Services
+61 2 6166 4577