These tools are created by organisations relating to the grains industry and are designed as decision-support tools. Please seek independent agronomic advice before making any decisions based on the information within these tools.

Weed Seed Wizard

Date: 07.09.2012
Region: National, North, South, West
URL: Weed Seed Wizard

The Weed Seed Wizard is a computer simulation tool. It:

  • is applicable to all of Australia's grain growing regions
  • helps growers understand and manage weed seedbanks specific to their farms
  • uses farm-specific management inputs and site-specific weather
  • is multi-species
  • shows how weed management choices can affect crop yield
  • illustrates weed species dormancy traits.

The Weed Seed Wizard is funded by GRDC.

National farming practices database survey

Date: 07.09.2012
Region: National, North, South, West

A national database of farming practices is to being established to not only enable a comparative assessment of farming practices in regions but also to enable the Grains industry to more effectively report on the current state of the industry. A capacity for grain producers to demonstrate their comparative ability in sustaining their natural resources has not been previously available apart from various pilot projects using paper based systems. This project has developed a electronic internet and email reporting system.


Date: 19.07.2007
Region: National

HowMuch? has been designed to allow for exploration of a range of simple constructs of crop models which use concepts of water use efficiency (WUE) and transpiration use efficiency (TUE). Output is presented to enable the user to build up a picture of climate risk, and explore how this might be managed. HowMuch? uses a simplified approach to yield prediction based on the French-Shultz model, but is flexible enough to allow for more complex model constructs.