RCSN Newsletter Western 3 June 2016


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Welcome news from the Western Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN).

Topics for Edition 3:

  • Kwinana East port zone RCSN - Monitoring moisture in 2016;
  • Geraldton port zone RCSN - Managing clethodim resistant ryegess;
  • Kwinana West port zone RCSN - West Midlands results go live;
  • Albany port zone RCSN - Slugging it out;
  • Esperance port zone RCSN - New ideas uncovered at Soils Forum;
  • Research Update - SEPWA technology integration project;
  • New Resources - new weeds report;
  • RCSN Feature Corner - Investigating shifting soils;
  • Meet your local RCSN member - John Flannagan, Mullewa.

    Region West