Ground Cover Radio

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Ground Cover Radio gives you is another option for accessing the valuable information contained in the Ground Cover magazine every two months. At about the time the magazine hits your mailbox, we'll also release an audio version of the magazine, covering to some extent around 30 of the top stories that are in that issue.

You can listen to Ground Cover Radio online if you wish, but it really comes into its own as a podcast that you can listen to in a vehicle. Each story is its own separate file. Now what this means is that you have two ways of listening to the program. 

You can either play it from beginning to end or you can select the stories you are interested in hearing. Filenames will be the same as the story headline in the magazine, which also makes it a bit easier if you want to track down the written version. 

To subscribe to Ground Cover Radio, either search iTunes for "GRDC" or enter into your podcast player when prompted for a feed address.

If you plan to subscribe to Ground Cover Radio on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, your podcasts will appear in the new Podcasts app, available for free from the App Store.

To listen to Ground Cover Radio online without subscribing to the podcast, click the links below to listen to individual episodes.