GRDC External Investment Plan

New approach to investment management

The GRDC will soon be releasing its new investment management system to manage the application process for its investment portfolio online. The details of these new processes will be publicised shortly.

The new system will feature an ongoing call for investment partners, replacing the traditional annual External Investment Plan and is targeted at simplifying the application and reporting process for our research partners. As such, there will no longer be an annual call for applications. Calls for investment partners will now be advertised on the GRDC website on an ongoing basis and updates can be monitored through alert subscriptions for investment areas of interest.

All current investment decisions will continue to centre on the GRDC research, development and extension (RD&E) priorities in the areas of; agronomy, farming systems, weeds, pests, diseases, soil, nutrition and information & research support as articulated in the Strategic Research and Development Plan 2012-17 The GRDC looks forward to bringing a more efficient and flexible investment management system to assist in partnering to deliver RD&E for Australian grain growers.