National Panel

The panel system is a key strength of the GRDC. The panels play an important advisory and strategic role in GRDC investments. The Board makes decisions with the support of the National Panel, informed by the knowledge and experience of regional panels and program teams. The program teams comprise members of the regional panels and the GRDC managers. The panel system helps to ensure that the GRDC’s investments are directed towards the interests of Australian grain growers and the Australian Government and remain closely aligned with the lines of business strategies.

The National Panel includes the three regional panel chairs, the Managing Director and the GRDC’s Executive Managers. 

The National Panel recommends to the Board the GRDC’s corporate strategies and direction, and assists the Board in maintaining linkages with Australian grain growers, the Australian Government and research partners. Based on advice from program teams, the National Panel also develops and recommends proposals for the national elements of the GRDC’s research investments. 

For more information in relation to the National Panel, please contact the National Panel Coordinator on (02) 6166 4500.