Annual Results and Final Technical Reports

Progress Reports and Final Reports have been the primary means by which GRDC has captured information about the results of experiment and trial-based R&D investments. While these reported experimental or other research results, and overall conclusions from projects, these were not always ideal for use in communication, extension and publication of project findings and implications for on-farm management.

The introduction of Annual Results Reports (ARR’s) and Final Technical Reports (FTR’s) will ensure that research findings and project conclusions are more readily available for use by the GRDC for communication and extension activities, including publications. Researchers will use these to provide detail suitable for these purposes, written in the knowledge that the detail provided will be used for public consumption.

The requirement for the provision of ARR’s and FTR’s will be included as project Outputs in Project Specifications for many GRDC Projects contracted from 2015 onwards.

The ARR is where researchers provide a description of the results from experiments or field trials relatively soon after these are available, and should be provided at least annually.

The FTR is for researchers to use at the conclusion of the overall project. They will allow researchers to consider, assemble, report and position the overall findings of the research activities in the project.

These reports will improve the timeliness of delivery of information about research results. ARRs are to be completed and sent to GRDC (and researchers should be encouraged to do this) at the earliest opportunity after experiment and/or trial work has been completed. If not already submitted, they must be provided along with the annual Project Progress Report. FTR’s must be provided in advance of, or with, the Project Final Report.

ARR’s and FTR’s do not replace the need for a normal Progress Report or Final Report, which include other information required for accountability and compliance purposes.

ARR and FTR report templates are available at the links below. They are MS Word documents, with guidance notes included.

Once completed the ARR and FTR should be submitted to

For a list of forms for GRDC Research, Development and Extension Partners follow this link to the Reporting page.