Final Report Form


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The Final Report form is used at the conclusion of a GRDC supported investment to report overall findings of a project(s).

All GRDC Projects are required to provide an updated Intellectual Property Register Form with the Final Report. Your Final Report will be rejected if you do not submit an Intellectual Property Register Form with your Final Report.


  1. Final Report forms are eForms - Note that you need to download and install Informed Desktop eForms software to be able to view and fill out these forms. The software can be found within this website at: 'Applying/Reporting' > 'Forms Software'
  2. Download Final Report [ITP file 404 KB] form by clicking on the link below
  3. Save the files to My Documents/My Forms/Templates. If prompted to replace an existing template, select 'yes'. (NB: This form has been updated. Please save the new version to My Documents/My Forms/Templates. If prompted to replace the existing template, select 'yes'.)
  4. 4) Locate the saved file in your computer and double-click to open.

Need further information?

If you do not understand these instructions, or if you are unsure about completing your report, visit the Forms Frequently Asked Questions page and/or contact Contracts Coordinator at the GRDC on 02 6166 4500 or e-mail GRDC Forms.

For a list of forms for GRDC Research, Development and Extension Partners follow this link to the Reporting page.