IP Register Form

All GRDC Projects are required to provide an updated Intellectual Property Register with each Progress Report and Final Report.

The Intellectual Property Register form is not currently part of either the Progress Report form or Final Report form and must be completed separately.  Please use the most recent version of the Intellectual Property Register template which is available below.

Your Progress Reports and Final Reports will be rejected if you do not submit an Intellectual Property Register with your Reports.

See the IP register section of the Research Agreement for more detailed information.

    Need further information?

    If you do not understand these instructions, or if you are unsure about completing your report, visit the Forms Frequently Asked Questions page and/or contact Contracts Coordinator at the GRDC on 02 6166 4500 or e-mail GRDC Forms.

    For a list of forms for GRDC Research, Development and Extension Partners follow this link to the Reporting page.