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Due Date for Progress Reports

Annual Progress Reports are due on 15 March each year. The Progress Report form is used during a GRDC supported investment to report against milestones and outcomes of a project(s).

All GRDC Projects are required to provide an updated Intellectual Property Register Form with the Progress Report. Your Progress Report will be rejected if you do not submit an Intellectual Property Register Form with your Progress Report.

Please note that projects in their final year are required to submit a progress report.

For further information: GRDC Contracts Coordinator on tel (02) 6166 4500 or email GRDC Forms

Submitting Progress Reports

Project Progress reports can be pre-populated with project information using the FileNet Desktop eForms Software and the completed Project Specification IFM file for the project you will be submitting a progress report.

  1. Open the completed Project with the eForm software and click the button labelled Create Next Progress Report, or if this is the first Progress report the button labelled, Create First Progress Report.
  2. You will be prompted to insert the calendar Year for which you are reporting. e.g. 2015.
  3. Complete the rest of the forms then send it along with any attachments to

The GRDC has not updated the e-forms this year. However, please check you are using the latest templates from the GRDC website prior to creating the Progress Report.

We are currently reviewing our business processes. This review will also include whether the current GRDC e-forms are the best option for the GRDC and our researchers.

Instructions for downloading the eForm:

  1. Progress Report forms are eForms - Note that you need to download and install Informed Desktop eForms software to be able to view and fill out these forms. The software can be downloaded by following this link to Forms Software.
  2. Download Progress Report form from Reporting page.
  3. Save the files to My Documents/My Forms/Templates. If prompted to replace an existing template, select 'yes'. ( Save the new version to My Documents/My Forms/Templates. If prompted to replace the existing template, select 'yes'.)
  4. Locate the saved file in your computer and double-click to open.

Need further information?

If you do not understand these instructions, or if you are unsure about completing your report, visit the Forms Frequently Asked Questions page and/or contact Contracts Coordinator at the GRDC on 02 6166 4500 or e-mail GRDC Forms

Progress Reports for Grains Industry Research Scholarships

The GRDC provides support for Grains Industry Research Scholarships (GRS) to encourage post graduate training in disciplines that contribute to addressing the research, development and extension priorities of the GRDC and the Australian grains industry.

Scholarships are available for three years and are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, the topic of the proposed research program and the likelihood of the applicant’s ongoing involvement in the grains industry.

During each year in which the recipient receives scholarship funds, the recipient must complete and submit a GRDC progress report.

Scholarship recipients must attach to the progress report any relevant academic progress reports in accordance with the research organisation’s normal procedures. Those reports will describe the recipient’s progress of the educational research and will contain comments by the supervisor on the recipient’s performance and achievements, and whether the recipient is fulfilling the requirements of the postgraduate course in which he or she is enrolled.

Progress reports are currently due on 15 March each year.

Please note that projects in their final year are required to submit a progress report.

Once completed, an electronic copy of the (Microsoft Word) report should be emailed to The name of the emailed documents should incorporate the project number.

In addition, the GRDC also requires a signed paper copy of the progress report to be submitted. These should be addressed to:

Contracts Coordinator
Grains Research & Development Corporation
PO Box 5367


For more information on the Reporting Requirements for the Grains Industry Research Scholarships (GRS), please read the Training Awards Applications and Reporting Information.

For a list of forms for GRDC Research, Development and Extension Partners follow this link to the Reporting page.