Common vetch


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  • Mature plants erect, to 80 cm with square stems branching from the base resulting in a tangled mass; stems with longitudinal ridges.
  • Cotyledons do not emerge.
  • First leaves a pair of spear shaped leaflets, hairless with pointed apex, 30 mm long.
  • Leaves alternate, with 3 to 8 pairs of heart shaped leaflets, short hairs and a sharply pointed apex; stipule small, toothed and may have a purple spot.
  • Flowers, 4 to 6 mm long, orange to beige when split, hilum (seed scar) same colour as seed coat. either single or in pairs, pinkish purple or white and pea-like.
  • Pods flattened, to 50 mm long and 12 mm wide
  • Seeds light to dark brown