Understanding post emergent graminicides (grass herbicides) (Temora)

Event Name
Understanding post emergent graminicides (grass herbicides) (Temora)
End Date
4 hours

Start Date: 20.06.2017

Start Time: 08:30

End Date: 20.06.2017

End Time: 12:30

A half-day workshop for grains advisers

Following the highly successful ‘Understanding soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicide workshops’ held over the past 24 months, ICAN Pty Ltd, on behalf of the GRDC, have created a brand new workshop on Understanding post-emergent graminicides (grass herbicides).

This new workshop covers the science that underpins how different post-emergent grass active herbicides work and links this understanding to optimising field performance. The workshop will challenge agronomists to reconnect with their old university biochemistry and then apply this thinking in their everyday herbicide decisions. While the workshop has been designed for agronomists, interested growers are also welcome.

Topics covered:

  • How grass herbicides work
    • Modes of action and plant bio-chemistry
    • Entry into the plant
    • Translocation and location of key sites of activity
    • Metabolism
  • Linking how herbicides work with optimising performance
    • Spray application
    • Adjuvants
    • Climate/environment impacts
    • Water quality
  • Herbicide resistance 
    • Target and non-target site mechanisms explained for different modes of action
    • Addressing key resistance questions such as “I have resistance, but the herbicide still works (sometimes)” and “My resistance test came back negative, but my herbicide still isn’t working like it used to.”

These workshops are being run on behalf of the GRDC. Workshops will be in a small group format, running for approximately 4 hours. Cost is $50 (GST inclusive). Numbers are limited and pre-registration is essential.


Farmlink, 361 Trungley Hall Rd. Temora
NSW 2666
Contact name
Mark Congreve or Erica McKay
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Cost (in AUD$): 50.00

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