GRDC Grains Research Update (Westmar)

Event Name
GRDC Grains Research Update (Westmar)
End Date
6 hours and 30 minutes

Start Date: 18.07.2017

Start Time: 08:30

End Date: 18.07.2017

End Time: 15:10

Venue: Westmar Sports Club, Westmar, Queensland 4422

Take just one-day at the Westmar GRDC Grains Research Update to update yourself on the latest grains research and improve the profit of your farming enterprise.


  • Crop rotations - how they compare for risk, profit and system benefit Simon Fritsch (AgriPath)
    • Crop choice, frequency and sequence
    • Yield, price and gross margin relationships and the value of rotation on soil water, nutrition, weeds and disease
  • Advances in sowing equipment – variable downforce, adapting gear to precision, seed singulation and other applications Andrew Farquharson (Toowoomba Engineering) & Philip Coggan (Grower, Meandarra)
  • Bugology update Melina Miles (DAF Qld)
    • Rutherglen bug damage and management
    • Late Heliothis in wheat and barley - will it happen again and what if it does?
  • Practical strategies for problem weeds - glyphosate resistant barnyard, liverseed grass and sowthistle; Group A resistant wild oats; feathertop Rhodes grass Lawrie Price (NGA)
  • Tillage impacts in no till systems on crop growth, soil water and compaction Yash Dang (UQ)
  • Tillage impacts on weed germination and seedbank longevity Michael Widderick (DAF Qld)
  • Map and manage farm layout planning and laser levelling - new technology to assist farm layout planning and management: contour banks; melon holes; paddock boundaries; tracks and farm roads Neil Huth (CSIRO)
  • Reducing yield losses from waterlogging by improving drainage in melon hole country – case studies using GPS and elevation data to drive cost-efficient land levelling Tim Neale (The Digital Agronomist)
  • Will your grain be rejected at the silo? New data on venting after phosphine fumigations  Philip Burrill (DAF Qld)
  • Landing the chickpea crop safely - strategies for late season disease management Kevin Moore (NSW DPI)

Registration: 8:30am for a 9am start. Finish ~3:10pm. Cost: $30 pp. and $20 for second person per farm (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.). Lunch, morning tea and proceedings provided.

To RSVP / register, or for further information or agenda, please contact John Cameron or Erica McKay on 02 9482 4930 or e-mail or register on line at

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John Cameron or Erica McKay
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Cost (in AUD$): Cost (in AUD$): $30.00


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