GRDC Grains Research Update (Wee Waa)

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GRDC Grains Research Update (Wee Waa)
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Keep abreast of latest developments at the Wee Waa GRDC Grains Research Update with leading-edge research to inform in-field decision making in grains enterprises in NW NSW.


  • Using the drivers of phenology in wheat varieties to better manage frost risk in a variable climate Felicity Harris (NSW DPI)
  • Matching phenology, environment and variety to optimise wheat yield.  When is it too early?  Rick Graham (NSW DPI)
  • Chickpea: temperature and other factors affect flowering, pod set and yield  Andrew Verrell (NSW DPI)
  • Chickpea water use efficiency. Neutron probes, where and when chickpeas draw water from and manipulating biomass Kerry McKenzie (DAF Qld)
  • Chickpeas, wheat and P. thornei build up and decline in the farming system.  Chickpeas - a dangerous combination of susceptibility and only moderate tolerance  Kirsty Owen (USQ)
  • What's new in grain storage? Profume fumigations, fumigating large silos and latest trials on grain protectants Philip Burrill (DAF Qld)
  • Spray quality data for nozzles are changing to better reflect the impact of formulation and adjuvants on droplet size.  What are the implications for you? Bill Gordon (Nufarm)
  • Setting the farm up for broadband connectivity – prerequisites for on-farm automation. Grower experience in installing a 50 MB/sec broadband system. What was done, how and why? Nick Gillingham (Keytah)

Registration: 8:30am for a 9am start. Finish 2:25pm. Cost: $30 pp. and $20 for second person per farm (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.). Lunch, morning tea and proceedings provided.

(Agenda subject to change)

Function Room, Imperial Hotel, 104 Rose Street, Wee Waa NSW 2388
Wee Waa
NSW 2388
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John Cameron or Erica McKay
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Cost (in AUD$): $30 pp. and $20 for second person per farm


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