GRDC Farm Business Update (Adelaide)

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GRDC Farm Business Update (Adelaide)
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7 hours


Adelaide, South Australia, Friday 17th August 2018

Stamford Grand Adelaide, 2 Jetty Road, Glenelg

9.00 am to 4:00 pm (doors open at 8.30 am for a 9.00 am start)

Presenters & Topics

OPENING KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Paul Higgins, Emergent Futures

How to think about emerging technologies
The key to emerging technologies is not to think about the technology first, that is called ‘shiny new toy syndrome’. The first step is to try and clearly understand the landscape you will be operating in and how your business fits into that landscape. Then think about how a technology will help you meet customer needs or drive down your costs.
Futurist Paul Higgins will guide you through this process using some examples of emerging technologies that are likely to impact on your business in the next 5 to 10 years.

Making climate sensitive decisions – how to test your perception
Barry Mudge, Barry Mudge Consulting
When you are not sure what the season holds in store …… what do you do? Is it possible to use any additional information contained in Seasonal Outlook Forecasts to improve decision making?
Making decisions on farm with the uncertainty of the environment has been compared to playing poker, when the stakes are high, how can you tip the odds in your favour? What does well informed decision-making look like and how often do we engage in speculation when it comes to making critical decisions about the season?

Evaluating how to maximise the returns in a mixed farming system with livestock
Jessica Crettenden, SARDI, Minnipa Agricultural Centre
Gross margin optimization is one of the critical success factors of maximising farming returns. Incorporating livestock in a mixed enterprise as a risk mitigation strategy, may require more active management to achieve optimal gross margin per hectare. This 9 year study at Minnipa examined the impact of grazing on crop/pasture production and soil health and identified that operating a high input grazed farming system can generate higher returns.

Whole farm enterprise economics – Case study long fallow in the Mallee
David Cann, La Trobe University
Simple calculations of gross margin don’t always tell the full story when contemplating farming systems decisions. Gross margins consider the direct outcomes, but ignore other indirect whole-enterprise outcomes, such as improved timeliness of operations, decreased income variability and reduced risk. Using a whole-farm economic perspective is vital in understanding all of the ways that farming systems decisions impact across the business.

Stripper fronts and disc seeding
Tom Robinson, Anashka Farms
Operating at the efficiency threshold is challenging, growers are pushing to create more resilient systems that rely less on rainfall timing and more on storing every drop of available moisture. Anashka Farms first used a stripper front 6 years ago, to retain the maximum stubble in the paddock. Despite any perceived difficulties, standing stubble is viewed as a vital component in their crop program to conserve soil moisture.

Economic role of export hay within farming systems
Mike Krause, P2P Agri
How can export hay contribute as a risk management strategy in farming systems. Agronomic and economic benefits can be weighed against alternate risk management practices.

Research & economic review – soil amelioration methods to break constraints on sandy soils
Sam Trengove - Trengove Consulting, Michael Moodie -Moodie Agronomy & Rick Llewellyn -CSIRO
Investigation of the methods and return on investment of soil amelioration practices on sandy soils to achieve long term improvement of the production capacity. Sam, Michael and Rick will discuss the trial outcomes and economic analysis of the work on sandy soils and will participate in a Q&A session together to discuss the progress so far and identify strategies to realise increased productive capacity.

CLOSING KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Dr Alison Kennedy, National Centre for Farmer Health

Dealing with and managing stress
How do we identify the stress triggers in our lives and the lives of those around us? Dr Kennedy will provide practical insights on dealing with and managing stress when faced with uncertainty or adversity.

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Presenters & Topics

Stamford Grand Adelaide, 2 Jetty Road
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