Dealing with the Dry - Farm Business Regional Forums (Peak Hill)

Event Name
Dealing with the Dry - Farm Business Regional Forums (Peak Hill)
End Date
3 hours and 30 minutes

Growers are invited to attend this free dry-time regional forum in Forbes which offers practical in-season advice on production decisions, such as nutrition budgeting and application, soil, fallow and herbicide residue management and broader farming system decisions. The workshop will also explore business and financial strategies to assist cash-flow planning, debt management, and accessing and utilising government services.

Presenters will provide locally relevant content and will include panel sessions to get your questions answered. Each attendee will receive a resource kit with supporting information - registration by Friday 12th July is essential. Walk-ins are welcome but may not receive a resource kit on the day.

Peak Hill Ex Services and Citizens Club
Peak Hill
NSW 2871
Contact name
Belinda Cay
Contact phone

Cost (in AUD$): Free


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