GRDC Grains Research Update (Dalby)

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GRDC Grains Research Update (Dalby)
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6 hours and 10 minutes

Keep up to date on the latest developments in grains research at the DALBY GRDC Grains Research Update. Leading-edge research that’s farm ready for the DARLING DOWNS.


  • Learning from southern region experience with pre-emergent herbicides incorporated by sowing: pre-emergent use incorporated by sowing including how, why, which weeds, seeding systems and soil types. Maurie Street (GOA) and Mark Congreve (ICAN)
  • Conyza sumatrensis: a 2-metre-high fleabane species on the Darling Downs that is tolerant of paraquat. Bhagirath Chauhan (QAAFI)
  • Value of tactical decisions on crop sequencing: opt in/opt out on PAW triggers. Jeremy Whish (CSIRO)
  • Measuring and predicting plant available water to drive decision-making and crop resourcing: extrapolating data from limited site numbers across paddocks. Brett Cocks and Mark Thomas (CSIRO)
  • Cover crops to increase fallow efficiency: research observations on soil water, health, nutrition and crop performance. David Lawrence (DAF Qld)
  • Multi species cover cropping and optimising soil health. Alex Nixon (Nuffield Scholar Drillham, Qld)
  • Sowing grain sorghum early: to reduce risk of water and heat stress at flowering and benefits for following crops – double cropping to chickpeas and ratooning cropping of sorghum. Joe Eyre (QAAFI)
  • Grower experiences with early sowing sorghum: pros and pitfalls. Dan Wegener ("Ferndale")
  • Upgrading nutritional strategies to feed the farming system: P & K timing, placement and implications for N timing and placement. Mike Bell (QAAFI)
  • 5 years of nitrogen research: do we have the system right? Richard Daniel (Northern Grower Alliance);
    • N movement, use efficiency, application timing & impact on N uptake - do we fertilise the system or the crop?
    • N in pulse crops?
    • N impacts on screenings
  • Nutrition discussion: key decisions in the next crop cycle.

Registration: 8:30am for a 9am start. Finish 3:10pm. Cost: $30 pp. (Cheques payable to ICAN Pty. Ltd.). Lunch, morning tea and proceedings provided.

To RSVP / register, or for further information or agenda, please contact John Cameron or Erica McKay on 02 9482 4930 or e-mail

(Agenda subject to change)

Knowles Room, Dalby Event Centre, Nicholson Road
QLD 4405
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Erica McKay
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Cost (in AUD$): $30


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